sex toys

The average couple has sex 54 times per year. If your sex life is lagging or you want to inject a little extra spice into the bedroom, reach for unique sex toys!

A cool sex toy or two can make your sex life much more fun. If you think sex toys are just dildos and butt plugs, you’re in for a treat. From interesting kink toys like the Whizzinator to the glory of a wand, there’s a whole lot of different ways to make you and your lover feel good.

Let’s take a closer look at the best sex toys!

1. Whizzinator

The Whizzinator is an amazing sex toy for those who want to try watersports but are a bit trepidatious about using real urine. It looks like a penis and has a bag attached, filled with synthetic urine.

The synthetic urine is completely sterile but has the same smell and feel of real urine. Have your partner wear the Whizzinator and live out your dirtiest fantasies without actually getting dirty!

It’s a great option for people who want to dip their toe into the warm waters of watersports. Wondering where to buy a Whizzinator? You can buy them online or from many sex shops.

2. Wand Vibrator

If you want to give your partner the ultimate thrill, then you’ll need the ultimate vibrator. Wand vibrators have been popular for about a decade now and they’re not going anywhere fast.

These vibrators are exceptionally powerful and have a great shape, perfect for holding against your lover’s sweet spots. For an extra buzz during sex, try holding one against your partner’s clitoris.

They’re also great for solo fun, handjobs, fingering, and blowjobs! With a little imagination, you can use a wand to augment any sexual act.

3. Finger Vibrators

Do you want to make fingering more interesting? Finger vibrators are a great option for this!

These small vibes fit over your fingertips, which can make fingering and handjobs much more fun. They aren’t the most powerful devices but they’re great fun and cheap to buy. At the very least, they’re incredible for teasing.

4. Vibrating Cock Rings

If PIV is your fave sex act, a vibrating cock ring is a great choice for you and your partner. These fit over your lover’s penis and come equipped with a small vibe that’s in the perfect position for clitoral stimulation.

The vibes are strong enough for your lover to feel them through their penis, too. There’s another great feature of cock rings: they help keep blood in the penis, which means erections can feel stronger and harder.

You need to be a little careful and practice good sex safety but do that and you’ll have a whole lot of fun!

Get Out There and Have Fun!

From the Whizzinator to cock rings, there’s a whole lot of fun that you can have in the bedroom with the help of toys. Hop onto your favorite toy retailer and take a look at what’s on offer!

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