It’s hard to imagine electric bikes dominating the market for small, mostly-human-powered vehicles, but it’s probably coming. If you think the standard bike can’t be replaced, you have to remember that it isn’t actually an old invention, and people once doubted it would dominate like it has this century.

You’ll probably never stop seeing fully manual bikes in specialty shops, but there are a lot of reasons why you should expect most casual riders and commuters to go electric within the next decade or so.

1. They’re More Efficient for Workouts

Interval training is one of the best methods of conditioning your cardio. While you can practice intervals with any bicycle, electric bikes give you a more consistent rest period, allowing you to leave a bigger portion of your effort in the push cycle so you can get more out of every workout.

2. Electric Bikes Are Cost-Effective for Commuters

Since ebikes provide thrust up to a consistent top speed, they make commuting to work or running small errands much easier than a regular bike. You don’t have to worry about sweating through your work clothes or changing on-site if you don’t have to put much effort into pedaling.

Mens electric bikes for sale this year are a little pricier than manual bikes, but they’re a bargain compared to a moped or motorcycle, so more and more commuters are choosing them for personal transportation.

3. Ebikes Make It Easier To Ride Frequently

One of the big setbacks that new riders experience while conditioning to regular rides is burnout from pushing things too far. It’s easy to overshoot your stamina on the way out and wind up tired enough to need extra recovery time between rides, and that extra time slows down your progress, leading to inefficient conditioning. The electric boost on an ebike makes it easy to get home without taking on too much fatigue. Even if you wind up further out than you intended for the day’s ride, you’re still able to coast home with a light pedal pattern. Check out an electric bike buying guide to find a model that suits your riding style.

4. You’ll Enjoy Easier Hill Climbs

Going uphill is the toughest part of the ride, and the steeper the hill the more effort it takes to get to that summit. Your top speed might go down if you don’t increase your effort on an ebike, but you will still be able to count on the same amount of extra push. That means you still get an increased workout going uphill, but you generally don’t have to worry about burning out on one monster hill in the middle of your ride.

5. Electric Bikes Are Safer on the Road

One of the biggest sources of traffic accidents? Failure to keep with the flow of traffic. It makes predicting your movements difficult and sometimes it even provokes road rage, which is also a major source of accidents. Commuters who shop fast electric bikes for sale count on the high speed thrust providing cruising speeds above 25 miles per hour for most riders, even when there’s no pedaling.

This also makes the bike quite wind resistant, reducing issues a rider may have with control in bad weather on an old style bike. If you’re looking to upgrade, it’s also possible to sell your used bike on the open market and put the money towards the new one.