Patio chair

With a beautiful outdoor space, comes the responsibility to build a patio – or something equally gorgeous.

There’s more to designing and decorating a patio than arranging some chairs, buying some concrete and hoping it turns out great. Thoughts about the experience you want to create and feel all come into the picture.

Checking out the average cost to build a patio should be the first step to achieving your patio dream, however if that gets you discouraged, there are other options to upgrade what you have.

There are different inexpensive ways to spruce up a patio that can still yield beautiful designs. Here are a few:

1. Add some lights

Lights are a fast way to completely transform the look of your patio without going over and beyond. Especially when lit up at night, lights offer some form of security and aesthetics. Depending on what you’re trying to achieve, different lights can suffice. You can hang lamps or electrical tea lanterns or install lightings. There can also be areas for candles that can be lit when the need arises.

2. Use alternative items

A great way to get ideas for your patio is to look through the yard images of people you admire or go through lifestyle sites you connect with. While this is a good idea, the challenge lies in trying to replicate what you see and then buying expensive items. To solve that, alternative items can be used, still maintaining the initial feel. Old Christmas lights can be used instead of bulbs, spray-painted cane chairs can be used instead of expensively constructed chars, etc.

3. A blend of different things

If you have a small yard and the patio area feels off from the rest of the yard, it could feel disjointed. A great way to create a patio that doesn’t feel disjointed from the yard is to connect and combine all you want your yard to look like into one. You can make stepping stones leading to a concrete area and put a tent. You can also create a garden and incorporate a small fireplace. With this, there’s a functional space in your yard, not a yard with bits and pieces of ideas.

4. Add pavers

Installing pavers is easy, and you can play around with the color with stains to match the house exterior. Pavers come in various shapes and sizes so it can add an exciting look to the overall outcome of your patio project while upgrading it. Depending on your budget, you can choose different paver materials that work – travertine or bricks or concrete etc.

5. The indoor touch

To achieve this, you can create the look and feel of a sitting room. Carve out a section of your backyard, and put couches, side/centre tables with a nice rug and flowers or your idea of the perfect cosy sitting room. If comfort and class are a priority, you can add some throw pillows and a fireplace to the mix.

With the right inspiration, upgrading or designing your patio can be fun and inexpensive. However, there are patio companies that can work around your budget to give you the best options within the range.