Front yardThe real estate market can be a competitive game to play and showing off your property to its full potential is essential. Attention to detail can be the clincher to a great deal – whether these are attended to personally or by a professional.

A lush, green lawn is a feature that can increase property value and win the hearts of potential buyers. Here are five ideas to spruce up your lawn to raise the asking price of any property.

1. Clean Up

It may sound simple, but giving a lawn a manicure makes a big difference. Presentation is everything! This means slipping on the gardening gloves to pull weeds, remove dead leaves and twigs and generally neaten up around the edges or you can ask for help to Forestry Mulching in Fairfax County VA, they will do the hard work.

Get the mower out to give that lawn a haircut and once it is primped and preened, check for any scattered toys or bird droppings. A lawn that has received a little TLC will shine in return.

2. Hydration

Close your eyes and imagine walking on a thick, cushioned, green cloud…this is your lawn at just a sprinkler system away. To transform a parched and thirsty patch of grass into a glorious emerald beauty, get that irrigation system sorted!

Grass, much like humans, needs wáter to stay hydrated and fully functioning. With care not to saturate, make sure your lawn is receiving enough H2O – this will, of course, vary depending on the local climate – and let it speak for itself.

3. Light It Up

Whether the style is sophisticated and minimal or full blown Disneyland, lighting up your walkway with pathway lighting is both safe and aesthetically pleasing. Both relaxing and inviting, it draws the viewer out to step onto that luscious lawn.

Lighting can be the perfect backdrop for entertaining guests or sipping a cold drink in a magical haven after a hard day’s work. It adds novelty value and shows off your garden in a different hue. After all, who doesn´t love a bit of ambient lighting?

4. Mulch

Ever heard of mulching? Mulching is a process which can be executed with a mower or simply a singular blade. After the first cut is made to the grass pieces, several more follow to essentially shred them into very small chunks.

These finely chopped pieces are then scattered in a fine layer over the lawn in its entirety. As the mulch decomposes, it adds nutrients to the soil which in turn help the grass to grow strong and vibrant.

5. Decorate

Thinking about a lawn as part of the bigger picture – a garden can be a key player in raising the worth of a property. So, what could invite the owner to enjoy the garden more?

Perhaps some colourful flowers bordering the lawn or a bird table to invite various seasonal birds to be observed fluttering in and out. Then, what could enable the owner to enjoy the garden more? Perhaps a carefully placed table and chairs, a barbeque or even a conveniently fixed hammock in a shady place.

Increasing the value of a property by making simple modifications to your lawn really can be easy and also fun along the way!