My good friend Sarah has been a beautician for almost a decade now and she is always my go-to girl when I need some helpful beauty tips. One thing which she has always helped me out with is how to save money on beauty treatments and I thought I would share some her advice so that everyone can save some money on beauty treatments. Sarah’s comments on saving money are well worth listen to so if you want to amp up your beauty treatments without paying the price, here are some of her top tips.

Do It Yourself

Sarah does almost all of her beauty treatments herself, of course she does you must be thinking, given that she is a beautician. Sarah tells me however that even those without beauty training can still perform treatments by themselves at home. In fact Sarah has even taught herself how to complete many treatments through using sites such as YouTube and other tutorial sites. Sarah tells me that the products can be easily found online and all she does is grabs the required products and equipment, fires up the video and away she goes. Thanks to the power of tutorials like this, Sarah has had some wonderful reviews of her new skills.

Staying Loyal

Sarah tells me that staying loyal to a clinic is a great way in which to save money on your beauty treatments over the long term. Personally I have only recently began using the Sono Bello clinic here in San Antonio, so I cannot comment. Sarah however says that loyalty will pay rewards as loyal customers are considered first for new treatments and offers. Some of Sarah’s clients have been with her ever since she started the beauty treatments and she tells me that these are the clients who are always top of the list when it comes to handing out freebies and trials.

Keeping an Eye Out

When Sarah started her beauty salon she was entering into a highly competitive market and had to do something to stand out from the crowd. In order to gain the clients which she wanted, Sarah used promotional marketing and offered coupons for heavily discounted treatments, The result of this was that Sarah got those first clients through the door, in order to show off her skills. When looking to save money on beauty treatments then, Sarah tells me that it is vital to watch over the coupon sites and even local newspapers, to spot some of the offers and discounts which clinics are putting on.

Appreciate You

The best advice which I have ever heard Sarah say is that to save money on beauty treatments, don’t do them at all. What my good friend means by this is that not all beauty treatments are essential and some people can often overlook how beautiful they actually are, and look for answers in treatments which they simply do not need. Good friends should be honest with one another and this includes letting them know how beautiful they naturally are.