A Guide to Feeding RabbitsA Guide to Feeding Rabbits

Taking care of a pet rabbit is easy, right? Just pull one out of your top hat, feed it a carrot, and enjoy the benefits!

If only feeding rabbits was that easy! The truth is that there are many myths about what and how to feed rabbits that have led to a lot of upset bunny tummies over the years. Feeding your rabbits doesn’t have to be hard, but all good rabbit care begins with understanding what your new friend needs to thrive! 

If you need a little rabbit help, this brief guide to rabbits will get you started crafting the most delectable menu for your long-eared friend! Read on to learn what rabbits like, what rabbits need, and how to keep them happy and healthy! 

A Rabbit’s Diet

Bunnies are grazing animals and love to nibble throughout the day. The basis of their diet should be fiber, and the best way to provide it is to make fresh hay available all day long. Offer your bunny a variety of grass hays and see which they like best, and make sure it forms the foundation of their diet.

Rabbits also love a good salad, and fresh vegetables and herbs are some of their favorite foods of all. Limit fresh veggies to about two cups a day, maximum. 

Bunnies go crazy for most green vegetables from the grocery store, from fresh bok choy to zucchini. If you do want to feed carrots to your rabbit, you can offer them the green tops regularly, but save the orange root for a special treat. 

Bunnies also enjoy a little bit of fruit each week. Make sure the fruit that you choose is free of seeds. They love berries, cherries, apples, and oranges! 

Things to Avoid

While rabbits need hay, avoid alfalfa hay. It’s one of those tricky foods, like peanuts – it’s a legume! Bunnies love it but save it as a treat, not a diet staple.

Some foods are difficult for bunnies to digest and, even if they like them, you should avoid offering them. This includes any of the foods that traditionally pass right through the human digestive system: nuts and seeds, corn, and beans. 

Most foods in the lettuce and cabbage family will cause issues with a rabbit’s digestive system. This includes cabbage, iceberg lettuce, turnip greens, mustard greens, beet greens, and rhubarb. 

In general, anything considered a “human treat” is not appropriate for a rabbit. Blogs like Cute Paws and Tails offer other tips that can save your bunny some serious tummy discomfort, too. 

Feeding Rabbits Isn’t Complicated!

Cheese is delicious, and humans love it. That doesn’t mean you should load up your plate if you’re lactose intolerant! Bunnies demand the same kind of thoughtful respect, and that begins with you! 

Feeding rabbits is a matter of understanding their dietary needs. Save the treats for special occasions and fill their dish with nutritious veggies that will keep them soft and hopping!

Now, hop to it yourself! Check out the rest of the blog for other pet care posts that can help you care for your furry friends!