Online gambling has surpassed traditional gambling. It’s much more accessible, it’s open 24/7, and in many ways it’s much more interesting than merely going to a casino. There is a certain thrill in using an online casino, so much so that plenty of the world’s top billionaires often use an online casino. One of the most increasingly popular ways to use an online casino is by visiting a pay-by-phone one. It’s quite similar to traditional online gambling, but it’s generally structured better, and much more streamlined.

How it works

The standard way for how a pay-by-phone casino works is by using your provider as the main infrastructure. This means that by connecting your phone to the online casino, your monthly bill will be charged as a deposit. After connecting your phone on the login screen, you’ll input your phone number, and you’ll receive a free SMS for authentication purposes. Once you’re connected, you merely set the amount you wish to deposit, and you’re good to go. The best thing is that there is a great number of online casinos to support this method of payment, so make sure to check out the Slotscalendar site to find a lot of pay by phone casinos.

The Withdrawal Process

Generally speaking, the withdrawal process is usually the biggest flaw in the entire pay-by-phone system. However, it’s far from impossible, it’s just a little drawn out. Since payment is processed by paying your monthly bill, you’ll have to use a third-party payment method to withdraw your inevitable winnings. You’ll have to request a bank transfer, and you’ll be doing that by verifying your ID by attaching and sending copies of valid documents. It’s a process that takes a few days, but it’s usually just an inconvenience, rather than a full problem.

Benefits of using a pay-by-phone online casino

On first glance it might not be obvious what the benefits of using this type of online casino is. However, it becomes obvious after a while that plenty of people can benefit from using it.

  • In short, it’s very quick to use. There are no convoluted ways to connecting to your favorite online casino, and you can make a deposit the mere second you think of doing it.
  • There are no extra steps towards starting to gamble in an online casino. You log in, you deposit, and you start playing online within moments. It’s incredibly quick.
  • Since you won’t be using the internet to make direct deposit, but rather radio waves over the provider, it’s very safe. There is zero risk of using it.
  • The usage of this type of online casino is so widespread, that you can find a good number of casinos that support it. Pay-by-phone is very accessible, so you won’t have to worry about finding a suitable casino.
  • Prepaid users pay directly instead of waiting their monthly bill, so in that case you won’t have to worry about unlimited deposits.

With the rise of pay-by-phone casinos, every online casino should start offering this type of payment option. It’s quick and convenient, and it’s a very effective way to connect to your favorite casino.