My buddy Adam Ferrari and I have been taking long trips around the world for almost a decade and both of us now have internet businesses which allow us to rack up as many miles as we can. Some people understand what travel really means, and others think that it is exclusively for those on their gap year or those who have just left college, both of these statements are far from the truth. Travel is something that gives, it gives you so much and this is why I fell in love with it right from the beginning. From my point of view, this is why I continue to travel.

The Gift of New Experiences

Prior to traveling I had never seen an elephant in the wild, I had never skied, I had never seen a wonder of the world, I had never ridden a Tuk-Tuk, I had never swam in the Mediterranean Sea and I had never bungee jumped off the world’s highest tower. Travel gave me these opportunities to try out new experiences and to see these amazing sights, and feel these incredible emotions. For me the biggest thing that travel can give you is the chance to try out something new.

The Gift of Perspective

I have traveled to some beautiful places and to some challenging places where the way of life for people could not be more different than how I grew up. IT is one thing to see the likes of poverty and disaster on your TV set, but it is not until you see it up close ad personal that you really understand just how lucky you are. I took for granted the place where I was born the opportunities which were in front of me and the safe environment in which I lived. It wasn’t until I traveled that I was able to gain this perspective and realize just how lucky I have been in my life.

Gift of Friendship

I have met some truly amazing people during my time on the road and beyond a multitude of acquaintances, I have also made some true friends who have become so important in my life. These friends have also helped shape my view of the world as they are from various different backgrounds, they have differing views on things, and some of them even speak different languages. When I look at my group of friends I am so thankful for the strange mixture of cultures and attitudes within that group.

Ultimately for me traveling has given me a way of life, it has given me memories which I will never forget for as long as I live, it has given me the opportunity to be a better version of myself and it has also given me vital perspective on who I am and how lucky I am to be where I am from. Travel is the ultimate gift, why not go out and find it?