Advantages of Thigh Holsters for Women - Why They're a Must-Have

Women have a lot of different options when it comes to concealed carry. Plenty of ways to conceal a handgun, from belly bands to bra holsters, without drawing attention to yourself. One option that’s often overlooked is the thigh holster. 


A thigh holster is an excellent choice for concealed carry under clothing. If you wear skirts and dresses that don’t have belt loops, this type of holster might be your only option for concealed carry. A thigh holster womens, also known as a drop leg or thigh rig, allow you to draw your firearm quickly from a concealed position without exposing your hand or wrist.

This is particularly useful when you’re wearing bulky gear, like body armor or plate carriers, and when you’re in a moving vehicle. Hip holsters have maintained popularity among law enforcement professionals, but thigh holsters may provide a superior alternative in certain situations.


While thigh holsters offer excellent concealment, they aren’t always comfortable to wear. This can be because they require you to bend over or because they place your firearm lower than hip holsters. This can be an issue for women with shorter arms who prefer a hip holster for ease of reach.

The good news is that many options exist for women who want to carry their firearms comfortably. From a belly band to a bra holster, there’s something for every woman out there. Another option is a drop leg holster, which has long been favored by law enforcement and military personnel.

While a bit of a stigma is associated with these holsters, they can be very comfortable to wear and allow for a smooth draw when necessary.


As more and more women choose to exercise their Second Amendment rights, manufacturers have responded with an abundance of holster options allowing them to carry concealed while still dressing comfortably. One of these options is the thigh holster, which can be worn underneath form-fitting skirts and dresses.

Thigh holsters offer a unique advantage in that they rest lower than hip or belly band holsters, which can be an asset in the event of a sudden draw in an encounter with a hostile subject. Moreover, thigh holsters can be accessed with an officer’s non-dominant arm, making them a good choice for officers who may suffer injuries to their gun hand or arm. As a result, this option is a must-have for women who prefer to carry it with skirts and dresses.


Thigh holsters rest lower than hip holsters, making them easier to reach. This is especially important when wearing LBVs or armor that would interfere with a belt-mounted holster. Some tactical professionals enjoy the combat-ready appearance that thigh holsters create, but others find them too open and intimidating to be helpful in hostile environments.

Regardless of your preference, you’ll want to practice drawing from these holsters while wearing different types of clothing before using them on the job. The garter holster resembles a spandex band worn around your leg with a gun pocket and is an excellent choice for concealed carry in a skirt or dress. You can wear it on the inside or outside of your leg and tuck it into a pencil or maxi skirt without any visible outline.


A thigh holster is an excellent option for women looking to carry concealed in a dress or skirt. These holsters allow you to keep your handgun close to the body, making drawing more manageable and faster in emergencies. These holsters can also provide a more combat-ready appearance, which may benefit some tactical professionals working in hostile environments.

Historically, men have made up the majority of gun owners in America, but that’s changing rapidly as more and more women exercise their Second Amendment rights by purchasing guns and training to use them. As such, manufacturers have created more feminine holsters to cater to this growing demographic.

Some of these holsters are even designed to double as magazine thigh carriers, which can be very useful for women who want to carry multiple magazines in one convenient location.