mental health

There is no doubt that one of the biggest changes we have seen in the world of healthcare and society in the last two decades has been the attitudes towards mental health. Even in the 90s this was widely considered a taboo subject to talk about and many who suffered had to do so ini silence. Many people faced ridicule and bullying because of their illnesses and the truth is that so many of us were ignorant to what the face of mental health actually looked like, and how we should react to it.

These days however it is far easier for people to talk about their mental health, it is something which is no longer taboo and as a result more and more people are able to get the help and support which they have needed for so long. So how have attitudes changed so much in such a short space of time? Let’s take a look.


One way in which this has changed so much is through the treatment of many metal health issues, we now encourage far more people to talk about it in order to help them. Take Amare Global for example, this is a community-based healthcare facility which helps people with mental health issues. If you look at the Amare Global reviews then you will not only see glowing feedback from ex-patients, but also from members of the public who have helped out, and had their eyes opened as a result


Sadly the conclusion for many who suffer from severe mental illness such as depression is that they end up taking their own life. These are heartbreaking tragedies which rock us to our core, and the reason being is that mental illness doesn’t always show symptoms. Somebody who seems absolutely fine and happy, could be found dead the next day and this is what has scared so many people, and rightfully so. When these tragedies happen and people are confused as to why, they seek out answers and this has forced more and more people to face up to mental health issues, and learn more about them.

Speaking Out

For many years os many people had to suffer in silence because they just knew that if they spoke out that they would be viewed differently by friends and family, or that they would be ridiculed. Thankfully this is no longer the case, at least for most, thanks to the speaking out about mental health issues which many high profile figures have done. wE have seen celebrities open up about their own battles with mental health and we have seen high profile public figures like Prince William and Kate Middleton speaking out in support of mental health charities and their efforts.

There is still a long way for us to go but the strides which we have taken in society have been incredibly beneficial for anyone who is suffering with mental health issues.