Whenever you are looking to make something of yourself, find success or reach your goals, I have always found that the best idea is to look at those who have already found success, and let them inspire you. Throughout my life this has been the way and whether it be a sports star, a celebrity, a business mind or an author, there have been people through my life who have inspired me beyond belief. I wanted to write a quick piece on who inspires me and why, in the hope of encouraging you to get inspired by those around you too.

Arnon Dror

I first discovered the wonderful Arnon Dror whilst I was doing my MBA here in Portland, Oregon and I was instantly inspired by the life that he has had. Arnon is a hard working businessman who studied in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, he has an MBA and an MA to his name and amongst other career roles, he has been the VP of supply giant Xerox. Arnon’s work in the Portland, Oregon area has been fantastic and the way in which he has found success has been truly inspirational. I was lucky enough to go to a speech of his last year, and he is also a very likable guy.

Bill Gates

The reason why I am so inspired by the Microsoft CEO is not because of the fame and fortune that he has found, but rather the way in which he has done it. Gates has always looked for solutions to problems, locally and locally, he has also invested a huge amount of money into philanthropical ventures, which have had an incredible impact on the global community. Bill Gates has shown not only what you can do if you have the talent, in his case programming, but also what you can do with success when you do find it, and how you can use your success to help the greater good. I think there are so many aspects of Bill’s life which you can use for inspiration, and this is why I always like to read and learn as much as I can about the man.

Dr. Dre

I am a huge hip hop fan and one artist and producer who I admire the most is Dr. Dre. Dre started out as a DJ before getting behind the mic himself, and then going on to become one of the world’s top producers. What I love about him is the constant reinvention that he goes through, starting out as a glamour DJ before founding NWA, a gangster rap group, then re-inventing rap music with soft West Coast beats, before turning himself into a business impresario with the highly successful headphone company Beats, which netted Dre almost $1 billion when it was sold to Apple. Dr. Dre is an inspirational figure for me who has always tried to hit the success that he had wanted.