There are lots of stores that you can go to in order to purchase golf clubs. Some people have a personal preference, such as a particular store in Louisville or their university golf club, for instance. You can even purchase your golf clubs online, so long as you do a little bit of research. According to Bob Mims Memphis is the best place of all to purchase clubs, because there is such a passion for the sport and people will be happy to provide you with every important guideline on choose the ones that are right for you.

For Bob Mims Memphis Is Where to Buy Golf Clubs

Mims is a popular CFO in Memphis and a true member of the golf community there. So much so, in fact, that he has set up a foundation in August 2017 to help young people get back on the straight and narrow through golf. For instance, if the foundation receives news or a report that someone has been cited because they steal or shoplift from community stores, or if there has been a teenage arrest for other reasons, the foundation can help these troubled youngsters by teaching them golf. They would prefer they fired a ball across the golf course, than a bullet across the street, after all.

Working with this foundation has also given Mims cause to find out the best places to purchase golf clubs. Generally speaking, it is recommended that people borrow their first clubs so that they can find out whether they like the game or not, but they shouldn’t purchase second hand ones, because they are of much lesser quality. Instead, therefore, they should look out for sale events, often organized by country clubs.

There are also a number of brands that focus specifically on making the sport more accessible by dropping the prices of their golf clubs. Some of those brands also give people the opportunity to purchase entire sets, so that they have all the clubs they need in one go. Once people get better at the sport, they can start investing in the individual clubs that they really like for themselves, purchasing them one at a time.

According to Mims, it is important to give people the opportunity to play with good quality clubs. Without that, their game will also be poor and that means that they won’t get any enjoyment out of playing golf. As someone who wants to make sure that young people can learn to play the sport, which also means learning to respect nature and other players, rules and regulations, he believes small details such as having good quality clubs are incredibly important. While this does mean that a greater investment has to be made overall, it also means that the eventual payback – a young person that becomes a contributing member of society rather than someone who slips through the net – is far greater, too.