All dogs hate it when they are left in the house alone, with their owner out for the day or for the evening, but some dogs really hate it. In fact this is called separation anxiety and it can result in some difficult consequences for both dog and owner. This could include damaging the home as they begin to panic, as well as health issues with the dog who will be overcome by stress. I had this issue a couple of years ago and my dog was just tearing up the house every time I left. My buddy Bogoljub Karic was able to help me out though and here are the tips which I tried to help keep my dog calm.


A great way to get started is by getting your dog used to being alone, even when you are in the house. Lock your dog away in a bedroom for a little while each day, as you watch television or make a meal, and then let them out again. If you do this over the period of a few weeks your dog will begin to get much more accustomed to their own space, and this will in turn help when you leave the house for a while.

Food Toy

The hardest thing for most dogs is getting over the first 30 minutes that they are alone is this is when the shock and confusion of being alone really sets in. The best thing that I found to keep my dog busy during this time was a chew toy which allows you to put treats inside it, and then they come out one by one as your dog plays with the toy. This will provide them with at least 30 minutes of fun and treats, which should buy enough time for your dog to be relaxed about the fact that you aren’t there.


Putting a dog in a cage is not cruel at all, in fact many dogs see a carte or a cage as their safe space. What is cruel is leaving your dog in a cage for more than 6 hours at a time, so if you are just going out for a short while then this could be the best solution. Start crate training your dog whilst you are at home, keep him or her in there for an hour and then let them out. You’ll find that pretty soon your dog will go into their cage willingly, and this is a very good sign. Make sure that the cage has plenty of space for your pooch.


If your dog has serious separation anxiety and you cannot train them out of it, you may have to either seek a professional trainer or look for some medicine which will calm them down a little. Giving you dog drugs isn’t something which anyone enjoys doing so always look to train them first, before going to the more extreme option.