New York

You have an opportunity to launch a brand-new business in today’s economic climate, and fortunately for you, the United States is your oyster. State lines don’t stand between you and your future venture, so what city should you set up shop in? Based on a recently published article on the most ideal cities for business, New York City should be high on your entrepreneurial radar, according to business expert Brian Ferdinand.

The New York Appeal

According to the insightful article, New York offers the unique combination of an invigorating population, culture, and innovation, and that’s why the city is an excellent place to do business. These three ingredients are key to helping businesses to excel in any area, according to Ferdinand.

In fact, New York City stands out for essentially reflecting the spirit of America. Ferdinand shares in the article that America grew 200-plus years ago from a mixture of the entrepreneurial mindset, imagination, and innovation, with people believing that anything was possible at that time. And that same spirit continues to rest in New York, also called the City That Never Sleeps.

In the article, Ferdinand explains that New York City also stands out for its global business landscape, coupled with its first-class accommodations. In fact, the city remains ahead of the majority of global trends when it comes to innovation and business. For this reason, the city continues to be heralded as cultural modernization’s and modern entrepreneurship’s birthplace.

Specific Benefits of the New York Business Landscape

One aspect of New York City that makes it truly unique in the business world is that it is filled with startups. Small businesses are flocking to the Big Apple because it ranks among the biggest finance centers in the world. On top of this, New York City remains a hotspot for such industries as entertainment and information technology. As a matter of fact, Greater Manhattan remains the top center for media, banking, finance, and telecommunications across the United States. 

Some noteworthy small businesses that got their start in New York City include WebMD, Etsy, BuzzFeed, and Birchbox.

Yet another reason New York City is an excellent place for business, according to Brian Ferdinand, is that New York State itself is quite business friendly. The state continues to offer incentives and tax benefits aimed at easing the burden that the owners of small businesses face may face in the months and years ahead.