L.A. Corporations

American actress Jane Krakowski isn’t the only person singing “I want to go to Hollywood.” If you’re like many aspiring business owners, you may find yourself singing the same tune after taking a peek at a recently published business article. In the eye-opening article, CorpHousing Group Managing Partner and business expert Brian Ferdinand shares why Hollywood and Los Angeles in general are top-tier places for opening up a business.

The City of Angels: A City of Fulfilled Dreams for Many

If you’re dreaming of starting a thriving business, then Los Angeles should be high on your list of places to move to for multiple reasons. First, the city itself is thriving, as people there make decent money, according to Ferdinand in the recent article. Specifically, the average income of people there is in the six figures. As a result, you can expect to have a financially viable customer base there.

On top of this, Los Angeles’s business ecosystem is electric and dynamic. For instance, there, you’ll find opportunities to make it big in the arts, content development/distribution, and gaming/animation. Thus, bringing your creative and artistic ideas to fruition is more than possible in the city.

In addition, the sectors of manufacturing and high technology employ thousands of workers who are vibrant, young, and ready to work. As a result, you shouldn’t face a shortage of talented workers who can keep your business flourishing.

Extra Advantages of the Los Angeles Business Scene

Looking for other reasons to start a business in Los Angeles? For one, the city stands out for being an unparalleled leader in global trade activities. Hundreds of billions of dollars worth of goods make their way to and from Los Angeles each year, and services—such as motion pictures and engineering—are also trade staples in the city. Thus, if you’re interested in the international trade world and are looking for trade leads, Los Angeles is an excellent place to start.

Of course, in addition to leading in trade worldwide, Los Angeles is a design leader, according to Brian Ferdinand. For instance, the city is home to satellite and military aircraft production, software publishing, and computer system design. You can additionally find opportunities there if you are interested in toy, home furnishing, and automobile design.

Apparel design is also a big deal in Los Angeles, with Europe reportedly looking to LA for  its fashion ideas. So, if you possess the unique combination of entrepreneurial determination and outside-of-the-box thinking, Los Angeles may very well be the perfect “home sweet home” for you in the years ahead.