Earnity and Commitment to Crypto

Since the 2008 global financial crisis, there has been a growing interest in democratizing the financial industry. Interest is evident in the rise of decentralized finance, or “DeFi,” which allows anyone to participate in financial markets without going through a traditional financial institution. Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa, executives of San Mateo, California-based DeFi startup Earnity want to pioneer this free financial system. 

It is composed of fintech veterans from all over the world who are passionate in their belief that managing crypto shouldn’t be complicated. Under the leadership of Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa, the Earnity team is developing a new means to earn, exchange, and learn more about cryptocurrency. In addition, Earnity is an ardent supporter of blockchain’s future, committed to creating crypto and other DeFi products that will become industry standards. 

Accessible, Democratic, and Inclusive 

Currently developing a curated financial marketplace for tokens, providing global users—beginners or veterans—a platform where they can earn, save, and learn directly and spontaneously. The company maintains the outlook that decentralized finance should be accessible, democratic, and inclusive. Earnity is driven by the purpose of revolutionizing code-based money and financial services. It aims to help change the world for the better, therefore leading the charge in educating regulators, academicians, politicians, and institutions on how they can take control of their money.  

Most of the world is still missing out on the benefits of DeFi and crypto. Earnity’s dedication to helping democratize the finance industry leads to creating new forms of finance that are simple, easy, and attractive. Valuing security and simplicity, the team is building products that can be recommended to family and friends.  

Before building the platform, Earnity’s fintech veterans assisted companies such as PayPal, Google, Visa, Western Union, and eBay in developing fintech trademark registration and raising capital.