Last week I was chatting about business with my good friend Edgar Gonzalez Anaheim’s best business mind and a man who has worked tirelessly for many companies in the Santa Ana area. I had agreed to meet with Edgar because I wanted to write a piece on how you can make it in the world of business, and what skills you would need in order to do so. The meal started off with a laugh as the restaurant manager cam to greet us and lead us to the table, promising the best service that he could offer. Somewhat bemused, Edgar reminded me that the manager had made the mistake that so many others have done, in confusing him with ex-San Diego Padres second baseman who has the same name. Whilst Edgar may not be a professional baseball player, he is a great business man who works extremely hard, and here are the tips he passed on to me for anyone looking to make it in business.

Thick Skinned

The world of business can be a cutthroat one and it is vital that you have thick skin in order to survive. Anyone who enters this fiercely competitive world who is not able to accept criticism and rise above the negativity, is going to have a very difficult time indeed when it comes to finding success.


Edgar tells me that one of his greatest strengths is not taking no for an answer, and being relentless in his pursuit of what he thinks is right. There are naysayers everywhere who will believe that you cannot find success, but if you start listening to them and giving up, you will never be able to find the success which you deserve.


Somewhat surprisingly , Edgar told me that the biggest weakness which most people have is trying to run before they can walk. The keys to business are often very simple and they lie in getting the basics right. Looking after your staff, making sure that the customer is happy and ensuring that you have a great product are not complex aspects of business, but forget them and you will be in trouble.

Forward Thinking

Edgar’s ethos has always been to innovate or die, and this is what keeps him going day to day. The way in which he stays ahead of the curve in this respect is by always keeping an eye on the horizon. In doing this, Edgar can not only spot new pathways to success, but also be on the lookout for any problems which will be coming his way down the line. To be able to think ahead, you must ensure that you are locked in with the present and that you understand customer trends, fads and any new ideas which are bubbling below the surface.

These tips may sound simple, and in truth they are, ins site of that however there are still a great number of people who will forget them.