IBM is one of the best-known companies that builds business IT needs. The IBM iseries disaster recovery functions, therefore, are hugely important as well, as so many businesses rely on this technology. While IBM provides this themselves with any new machines, a lot of businesses aim to reduce costs by obtaining reconditioned and refurbished models. This often leads to a number of specific questions, which are answered below.

Which IBM Series Disaster Recovery Should Small Businesses Obtain?

The entry level IBM models are the xSeries, which used to be called the eServer xSeries. These models offer a number of benefits, including the fact that small businesses can grow their performance without having to change their applications. Additionally, this greatly improves disaster recovery, while at the same time using virtualization to save powder. System management is also greatly simplified, as is maintenance.

Which Series Should Midsize Businesses Obtain?

The iSeries, which used to be called the eServer iSeries, are great for those needing mid-level solutions. They offer a wealth of benefits, including the fact that they support multiple programing languages. This ensures the network remains fit for purpose for a longer period of time. Additionally, the network can support various software platforms, and high-level applications can be included with ease.

Which Series Should Large Businesses Obtain?

The pSeries, which used to be called the RS/6000 is perfect for high-level needs. They offer a wealth of benefits, including the fact that it supports more advanced network security options that can function in a fully autonomous way. Furthermore, certain business services can see their systems optimized significantly while at the same time lowering costs thanks to PowerVM virtualization.

Do You Get any Warranties?

One concern businesses have with reconditioned and refurbished models, is that they worry about warranty. Some IBM models are provided with lifetime warranties, others only have a 30 day warranty. It all depends on the version and on the seller.

Can I tell whether Hardware Is Reconditioned?

A good seller will provide a full record of all the work done on the machines during reconditioning. Some do so by providing a certificate, for instance. Others provide far fewer details about the exact work that was done, however. Hence, it is important to ask about this.

What Does a Pre-Owned Server Cost?

The price of pre-owned IBM servers can vary significantly. They can range anywhere from around $1,000 to nearly $100,000. Three factors are of importance:

  1. Which series the server is.
  2. Which model someone wants to purchase.
  3. What has been reconditioned.

Usually, you can expect a reconditioned model to cost around 25% less than a new model, although this can be as little as 50%.

By purchasing a refurbished IBM server, businesses can get all the reliability and performance of IBM, at a price they can afford. It is important, however, to choose the right model at the right time. Additionally, the refurbisher should be a trusted source.