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What does your current smoking routine look like? Do you cozy up on the couch after smoking and relax with a warm blanket and a movie? Do you get active and visit the gym?

Everyone has their own smoking routine and the things they enjoy doing most after smoking, but there are always different ways to improve it. If you’ve found yourself becoming bored after smoking and you need a few new ideas for stoner activities, then you’ll want to continue reading below.

In this guide, you’ll learn about several different things to do when you’re stoned. Here’s a list of activities for stoners you won’t want to miss!

1. Explore Nature

Spending time in nature has many benefits. It can help ease your mind and reduce anxiety. When high, consider stepping outside for a few. 

Think about all the amazing activities you can do outdoors in your city. Explore nature in a way that’s most rewarding to you. It could be hiking down a nature trail, taking out the kayaks, climbing up a slope or incline, fishing, taking a jog in the park, or something else. 

Even sitting outside on your front porch, watching the birds fly by is a wonderful thing to do after smoking. You’ll most likely find yourself in a calming state you haven’t been in for quite some time. 

2. Attend a Festival

If you’ve ever visited a music festival, then you most likely noticed that most of the attendees were stoned. There’s something about being high and enjoying live music and vibrant colors that just go so well with one another. On top of that, when you’re surrounded by a crowd of people who’ve all been smoking, you find yourself in one of the most welcoming and friendly environments.

Search for music festivals or live concerts in your area. Purchase your tickets and enjoy the music and festivities. If you can find ones located outdoors, then this would be best. 

Depending on your location, some festivals will even allow you to smoke while there. 

3. Browse a Museum 

Not everyone reacts to smoking the same way. Some get high and simply want to chill at home. Others get high, and their brains become a spinning wheel of creativity. 

If this sounds like you, then you should consider browsing a museum after smoking. Look into different museums, art galleries, or other exhibits in your area. Find one you believe is the most interesting.

Museums and art galleries can become magical places of wonder when you visit them high. Who knows, you might even become inspired and go home to create your own masterpiece! 

4. Try New Restaurants 

The munchies are real. If you love to raid the kitchen cabinets after smoking, then you’ll love this next activity. Rather than eating the same food you always have at home, get out of the house and try new restaurants. 

Visit places you’ve never been before and try something off the menu you wouldn’t normally try. You might end up finding something delicious! You can never go wrong with desserts either. 

After trying out a new place to eat, be sure to find a new place to grab some dessert at as well. Check downtown to see if there are any cool food halls to visit. Halls with a variety of restaurants, cafes, and bakeries are a stoner’s dreamland!

5. Purchase Tickets to a Comedy Show

What isn’t funny when you’re high? Smoking makes just about anything a comedy, but imagine actually going to a comedy show when high. If you love to laugh, then purchasing tickets to a comedy show and listening to a comedian live is a great way to get all your stoner giggles out. 

Many comedy clubs offer food and drinks as well, so be sure to grab yourself some snacks before sitting down at your table. Food, drinks, and a live comedy show make for a wonderful night out for any stoner. 

6. Turn Your Hobby Into a Career

Those who love to smoke might be called stoners, but when you turn your smoking hobby into a career, you’re a businessman. Have you thought about making a career out of your love for marijuana? If you live in a state that allows marijuana to be sold recreationally, then you might have a job opportunity on your hands. 

There’s a lot to know about the marijuana business before you can open doors to a shop and start selling. Knowing the difference between female vs male cannabis to create new strains, knowing how to market and advertise your product, and how to run a business, in general, are just a few things to keep in mind.

Once you do your research, though, it could be the start of a great opportunity for you.

7. Get Creative

Why keep your brain from being as creative as it wants to be when stoned? It’s time to let out all your ideas and release your creative side. After smoking, grab a few pencils, markers, paint brushes, crayons, and draw paint or color. 

Let your mind run free and create unique and exciting artwork. If you’re that good, you might make a career out of this as well. Start selling your pieces on social media accounts to friends and family and then go from there. 

Which Stoner Activities Interest You?

The number of stoner activities you can do when high is endless. Which ones from this list will you try out first? If one activity isn’t too appealing to you, then try another. 

By going through all the activities on this list, you’re sure to find the best high activities for you!

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