So many home owners believe that they have all the cover that they need because of the fact that they have home insurance but this is actually very far from the truth. Homeowners also need to have home warranty like that offered by First American Home Warranty Reviews, who offer plans for property owners to ensure that they have all the protection that they need. Buyers of home insurance must also look at home warranty options and here is why the experts will always recommend this.


There is a clear difference between home insurance and not home warranty and that is defined by the systems within your home. When you have home insurance it will protect the structure of the property and the possessions inside it, what it won’t protect however are the plumbing, electric, gas and HVAC systems inside the property, this is the key to why you will need both options.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters occur in many parts of the country from fires in California to hurricanes and tornadoes in Florida, which is why home warranty is very important. If your home is ravaged by a hurricane then your home insurer will pay out to have the structure repaired and the possessions inside the home replaced, what they won’t do however is help you with the costs towards a new plumbing and gas system as the result of this perilous event. Here your home warranty will make sure that you get enough money back to cover the repairs of all damage which the property has suffered from.


Imagine that you have a toilet in the home which leaks and you end up with a flood. In this situation your home warranty will cover the damage caused to the flooring and any possessions, but it will not help you to pay for the repairs to the toilet or the plumbing work which is required. This is another instance of where home warranty can help, and why it is so important.

Peace of Mind

Ultimately this is about having peace of mind, about being safe in the knowledge that whatever happens to your property, you can be confident that you  won’t be shelling out huge amounts of money, and that you can claim for all repairs and damages through both your insurance and through your home warranty.

What to Look For

Most home warranty covers are the same with the biggest differences being just like home insurance with a range of deductibles to choose from and various limits on how much you can claim. When looking for home warranty options you should compare as many prices as possible, focus on price, high level customer service, positive or negative reviews which have been left and what other buyers are saying about the company and the plan that you have found.

If you are a home owner then you must ensure you have full protection for your home and everything inside it.