Server Hosting

It’s Sunday night, the night before the launch of your next big online service. The good news is that you have been in business for three years now and clients really like the ease of purchasing from your website. You spent thousands on marketing prior to the launch and are looking to reap the benefits with your latest product. You wake up Monday morning only to see your website is down and emails in your inbox with customers complaining that their credit cards have been compromised. Was it worth it to use the default host that came with your domain?

Shared hosting may cause security concerns to website owners. So, here are the four reasons why it is necessary to have the right server hosting.

Security is number one

Security cannot be stressed enough in an online world, be it with your personal documents and emails or with the credit card and banking information of those that is entrusted to you. With the possibility of compromised information via computer hacking, your business could be on the hook for legal action that you never dreamed of. Even companies as big as eBay had to review their hosting with compromised account information threats.

Is your reputation the backbone of your business?

The responsibility of client information can make or break your reputation in the early years of business or possibly regress some trust in the later years. In a sector like health or accounting, clients put a lot of faith and trust in you to keep their information safe. It might have taken a lifetime to build that reputation, and once the client’s information is out in the public eye, it could prove disastrous to your business and take years to claw back.

Knowing someone is watching out for you while you sleep

No matter how hard you work, you can’t overlook the fact that you’ll eventually need some downtime. Here in the blink of an eye, your website might be offline or out of commission. It might be difficult to enjoy that much earned two-week vacation or watching your daughters dance rehearsal if your thoughts are drifting to whether your site is up and running. In an online world, a sale can only be made if the site you are using is up and running. Hosting services like Memset, take this worry off your shoulders and monitor your server 24/7, 365 days a year.

Your Content is in the cloud

You might have the perfect blog, world’s best website or a stunning linked-back research for all to enjoy. It probably took you, or someone else, a lot of time and possibly a lot of money to get this to where it is today. A new site editor could accidentally delete it, or a “glitch” might have the information lost forever. Having the right hosting company to back up your data and documents could be more valuable than you may have ever imagined. It’s like having insurance for your hard work.

Like all unpredictable events, things can change in a heartbeat, having the right server hosting for the job could bring peace to your mind as well as of your clients’.

Like all unpredictable events, things can change in a heartbeat, having the right server hosting deserve.