Finding a balance in life is the key to happiness and longevity. It is when we do too much of any one thing that creates stress, unhappiness, and illness. To be clear this certainly are some things that are much better to do than others. We can take on behaviors that lead directly toward our ill-health and down moods. But too much of even the healthiest thing can turn things unhealthy.

George S. Anmar is the founder and owner of Cleveland Ohio based CFO LLC. As a CPA his days are Austin stressful and demanding.  As someone who takes great pride in his business, he can find himself falling out of balance and into ill health. For this reason he divides his approach to life and good health based on things that one should do, and things that one should never do. He offers the following as an example:


Exercise is an example of something that is necessary to do on a regular basis. The type of exercise that you do can range widely. You might love team sports like basketball, softball, or even table tennis. You may enjoy less strenuous types of exercise like taking your dog on long walks. George Anmar is a runner who loves jogging long miles in the beautiful outdoors. He finds that running helps to clear his head and helps him to develop important business skills like perseverance and resilience.

The important parts about exercise or that you do it regularly which means at least 3 times a week, and that when you exercise you do it for at least an hour each session. You can vary the types of exercises that you do during the week. Perhaps you want to participate in the basketball league in also you love swimming. Taking on a variety of exercises is a great idea because it can keep things exciting. It also allows you to work out different muscle groups and improve your flexibility.

The benefits of exercising many. You will look better, feel better, and actually be better. You’ll be able to enjoy a range of activities that require physical exertion and you will be blessed with better results from your doctor’s visits. For these reasons exercise is definitely and activity that goes into the “do column”.

Don’t Smoke

Although George Anmar has never been a smoker, but like many of us he has seen the negative effects that smoking can have on people. For this reason, smoking definitely goes into the “don’t column”.

It is often said that if smokers could see their own lungs and the damage smoking is causing to them, no one would smoke. This is said because smoking takes a long amount of time to blacken the lungs to the point that they become diseased and do not work properly but the damage begins nearly immediately when someone starts smoking.

The thought is that if people could see their lungs, like they can see their teeth, they would be petrified by the discoloration and sees whatever have it they had that caused their lungs to look this way. This might actually be the case, and certainly anything that gets people to smoke less is a good thing. Lung diseases related to smoking are way too common and need to be diminished.

However, we do not realize how many of people die because of smoking-related illnesses that have nothing to do with the lungs. Smoking increases your blood pressure, may cause cancer of the mouth, tongue and esophagus, can negatively impact the central nervous system, and makes many medications less effective.

Many doctors believe that the most destructive common thing humans do to themselves is smoking. Perhaps the best reason for quitting smoking is that it will add years to your life. By the way, it is never too late to stop smoking and the benefits begin immediately once you stop.