Google Pixel Pros and Cons

The Google Pixel has been out in quite a while, and it’s quickly become one of the most polarizing devices in recent history. There are many that have praised its design and features, and have called it the best device available, while others claim that it’s an expensive and bland phone not worthy of consideration. There is no phone that excels with everything, and that’s true with Pixel as well, but it does have areas it does quite well, and others not so much.


  • Camera – the camera is considered as one of the best available on a smartphone. Google advertised it as the highest rated phone camera ever, and results show that that claim does live up to the hype.
  • Unlimited cloud storage of pics and video – a possible game changer for many, the unlimited 24/7 cloud storage of photos and videos that remain the same quality on the cloud, could become the absolute standard of the industry. Users will keep asking companies to implement this feature in all their new phones, and that will be a win for any user.
  • OS and updates – Android is the most popular OS for smartphones for a reason. While many Android smartphone manufacturers create their own skins and interfaces for their phones, Google wins this hands down. The user experiences in the Pixel is the best it ever was, and the interfaces they introduced are considered some – if not, the – best. Google have also promised at least two years of active and timely software support, which isn’t the best compared to Apple’s 4+ years of support, but it still excellent.
  • Google Assistant – the Pixel has the exclusive Google Assistant, which is a great AI assistant, and many consider it better than Siri. It has great unique features that provide improved quality of life, and it will be some time before the other Android manufactures catch up.
  • 24/7 customer support – while most of Android’s user base is tech savvy, and Google is not particularly known for their customer service, the 24/7 live support app is still a great addition, and could change Google’s customer service reputation.


  • Speakers – the single bottom-firing speaker is one of the greatest complaints Pixel users have. Major manufacturers like Apple and Huawei have started including premium audio experience with dual audio speakers, which the Pixel sorely lacks.
  • Little water resistance – the Pixel is only rated IP53 for dust and water resistance, which means it won’t survive a dip in water. The two main competitors for the Pixel – Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 – can be submerged in water for 30 minutes and allow for underwater photography.
  • Pricing – a valid complain, and although the Pixel is priced at regular flagship pricing, it can still be considered expensive, especially compared to the value discounts of the Nexus phones.
  • The little things – things like the fingerprint sensor on the back can interfere with work, the glass backing on the top can scratch easily, large bezel on the bottom of the phone, no wireless charging.