Handle the first professional deal with these tips

When you are out in the professional world for the first time, everything seems exciting and adventurous. Each day is a learning lesson to understand how the world works. Any person (be it an employee or self-employed) takes at least 2 years to get the hang of the sales world.

The pandemic has changed our perspective towards professional as well as personal lives. Though we hear rumors about the latest omicron virus’s spread, we’re much more experienced and can manage our work without even having to step out of the house!

However, there are a few points you need to consider while preparing to crack the deal. Read the following to gather information as well as perspective,

Reach out first

Your deal doesn’t have to begin with how much you know about the client or how great your product is! Start simple by building a relationship with the potential. Just a well-wishing phone call or a hello email gets the audience’s attention. It will later create curiosity to know more about you.

Find email contacts using email search tools such as GetEmail.io. This tool also comes with a chrome extension to the Gmail account, wherein you can send an email directly to the contact while validating its authenticity. It is the most efficient tool for finding email addresses for you!


Have you ever heard of war without weapons? It’s pretty unusual to think. Right? The same thought goes when you plan your sales pitch. Before meeting the client, know who they are and get an idea of their background. The more you know your audience, the easier it gets to create the pitch.

While you try to understand your audience, it is equally crucial to outsmart them without the client realizing it. It is more of psychological play. The game here is to make them feel they’re getting more for their money’s worth. It is a skill that needs time and experience to excel. However, you can skip a few steps by learning tricks online.

Further communication

It depends on your marketing strategy as to how much response the audience gives while pitching in for sale. Though different sources mention different numbers, the latest report suggests that 10 to 15% of entire leads turn to successful sales.

That means, if you have contacted 100 people, only 10 to 15 will buy your product. Improve the number by rational and logical wordplay. Especially when communicating via email, do not mention words such as “urgent” or “please read”. Instead, keep it straightforward and clear!

Final thoughts

Whether you have closed the deal or not, you have used your skills effectively to bring the customer close to the sale. This itself is an achievement. You deserve a pat on your back. Once you understand the nuances of negotiation, the communication becomes more fluent and easy.

Don’t burn your ties with any client just because they didn’t finalize the deal with you. They probably found another match for time-being. It doesn’t mean you aren’t on their radar. Keep in touch with them and send a hello, just in case they’ve changed their mind!