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In 2016, more than six million homes were sold in America. By 2018, this number is said to increase at 6.3 million homes, thereby showing a steady increase in the real estate world.

Still, here’s something you should know: it’s not that easy to sell a house. There will always be competition among fellow home sellers. At the same time, home buyers have a lot of things to consider before they say yes, which you might not meet.

How can you sell a house? Follow these home staging secrets to land that sale soon:

1. The outside matters. 

Many home sellers pay attention to what’s inside the house, thereby forgetting that the exterior of the home matters equally. In fact, the look of the house from the outside could make or break the deal. If the exterior of the home looks cluttered and unattended, then there is a higher chance you won’t make that sale.

Here’s what you can do to prettify the outside of the house:

  • Repaint the exterior. As much as possible, stick to neutral colors so it is easy to mix and match with.
  • Make the front door stand out. Give it a fresh coat of paint and a new handle.
  • Grab your gardening tools and pull out weeds and add potted plants or flowers in yellow color. If there is not much space in the front yard, place plants or yellow flowers along the walkway leading to the front door.
  • Cut the grass.
  • Clean the front porch.
  • Don’t forget the welcome mat and outdoor wreath by the front door.

2. Clean, clean, and clean.

Potential buyers don’t want any clutter or traces of previous owners in the house. Therefore, get rid of the clutter and clean as much as you can. Get rid of old belongings including family portraits, diplomas, trophies, and other paraphernalia that will remind buyers that someone used to live in that house. Strategically place magazines on the receiving area, but any other clutter on top of the coffee table or countertops must be removed. Don’t forget to clean floors, wash the walls, and dust what you can dust as well.

In simple terms, de-clutter and de-personalize as much as you can.

This leads you to the next home staging secret.

3. Less is more.

When it comes to staging your home, the rule is simple: less is more.

Keep in mind that too much furniture, including accents, in a certain room makes the space look smaller and cramped. This is not a good selling point because it creates an impression that there is not much space in the house.

Stick with the basics for each particular room to make it large and airy. If you can, minimize the number of furniture per room. This will also make it easier for potential buyers to imagine and envision how they want the room to look according to their own preference.

4. Lighting is key.


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Do you want to live in a dark house? Definitely not – and the same goes for potential homeowners. Therefore, keep the house as well lit as possible. Natural light is the best way to do this, but it’s okay to rely on floor lamps to make naturally dark room look brighter.

Also, show off your windows, change dim lights, and aim for light but neutral-colored curtains. This will brighten the house and make every room look bigger, thereby enticing buyers to buy even fire damaged homes.

5. Every room must have a purpose.

This is another home staging secret you should to if you want to sell a home.

Each room in the house has a designated purpose – and potential buyers need to see and know what each room’s function is. It gives new owners a great first impression because each room is presented with a singular focus.

What if you have a spare room? Then turn it into a gender-neutral office. Simply put a desk, chair, and a floor lamp. If you have that nice-looking bookcase, then place it there as well.

Another tip: Every room must be gender-neutral. New owners will want to use every room differently from how you did it, so it is best to keep the options open by not restricting them on how they want to utilize their new home.

6. Show off the storage space.

Did you know that there are 58,000 self storage facilities in America? The more surprising part is this industry has annual revenue of $22 million. This shows that storage is a must in every home and the more spaces you have for storage, the higher the possibility of selling the property.

The point is show off your home’s storage spaces. New homeowners need to see that they have enough space to store their belongings. During staging, clear some of your things out like coats, clothes, kitchen utensils, and shoes to make it look like there is enough room for everything.


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Selling a home can be challenging, but it can be done. Remember these home staging tricks and you will be selling your place in no time.