mountain house

Dreaming of moving out of the city to the countryside, following the Alaskan Bush People to live a more free life in the mountains, among the trees, closer to nature and without some of the conveniences of modern life?  You’re probably wondering how to buy mountain land?

Whether the mountain land you require is for a life out in the middle of nowhere where you can enjoy fishing, hunting and outdoor living, or you want to be close to a ski resort to enjoy the slopes during the Winter months, it can be difficult to locate mountain land, as its not readily available through your local estate agents.

How to Buy Mountain Land

The key to locating and buying mountain land is finding a large land broker that has aa network of agents nationally.  They will have access to sales information on large and small land and countryside plots across every state and allow you to compare properties across the country within your budget so you’re not limited to just what is available local to you.  These brokers have online search facilities so you can search by budget, land size, land type or residence type.  You will be able to see information about each property such as whether it is connected by road, has electricity and water supply, what building and usage permits it has in place, the acreage, the landscape type, bodies of water on the land, and further information about its current usage. 

What to Know Before You Buy Mountain Land

There are several important considerations before selecting and buying your choice piece of mountain land. One of the first is deciding how remote you really want to be.  While remote sounds great, no neighbours, able to do what you want when you want on your piece of land, without many constraints on building and land usage, the more remote you are the harder it will be to not only develop the land but also live on it.  You should know what the road access is to the land and through the land.  If you need to build a road across the land to the point where you wish to build property then this could be an expensive outlay at the beginning of your project.

Then consider whether you want electricity, gas, water supply, access for a septic tank, telephone and internet coverage, cell phone coverage, etc.  These amenities which we take for granted in the city are few and far between in many mountain locations as it is hard to supply the amenities and expensive for you to procure them later, because utilities firms are loathe to outlay network development for just one property.

The next thing to consider is what usage you want your land to have, whether you will hunt, fish, build, ski, or other activities on the land, because it must be suitable for those purposes, and you may need certain local authority permits for those uses.  If you plan to rent out vacation accommodation on the property this also brings other responsibilities for safety.