If you have ever wondered how successful business people like Kelly Curia-Schmidt have been able to find success in a number of business roles and industries, it is because they have business skills which can be transferred from business to business, industry to industry. Whilst industry knowledge is of course important, armed with these skills you could work in any business setting and do well. Not everyone has these skills of course and some people are amazing in a certain industry but couldn’t take those skills on to another sector. If you want to be able to be a multi-purpose business person, these are the skills which you’ll need.

Financial Mind

When it comes to businesses in different sectors there is one thing which they all have in common and that is money. Every business on the planet needs to manage their capital and know how to make money. Where most businesses fail is the financial side of things, owing to the fact that those who run those businesses just don’t have the mentality which takes finances into consideration at all junctures. Knowing how to manage and make money is a skill which is needed in every type of business.

Research Skills

Another issue which many people have is that they fail to understand the importance of information which pertains to their business. Every business owner should understand their market, their status within that market, their customers and what they want, as well as being knowledgable about impacts which can change the dynamic of the business. All of this comes down to being able to research and educate yourself and it doesn’t matter whether you are working in finance, technology, retail or hospitality, the same formula works every time.

Managing People

Those who are good at managing people can do so in any setting or environment. This is one of the most important transferable skills for any leader, and those who have it can manage every business at every level. People don’t change much from industry to industry which is why this is such an essential skill to have.

Forming Relationships

Many think that when running a business they have to do it autonomously but one of the fundamental principles of business is to be able to form strong allegiances and relationships with other business and owners within the industry. Once again this is a skill which can be easily transferred from one industry to another as the ability to build relationships is not something which is industry specific. If you are able to build up a strong bond with someone then it really doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, this is a skill which will serve you very well.

These skills are the cornerstones of what business management is all about and if you have them, you can utilize them no matter what the business is, or which industry it is in.