Things to do in Vegas

A lot of people dream of going on a Las Vegas vacation, and maybe this year is their year to go. They hear about so many fun events going on there from gambling to drinking to events, and they want to be involved. They want to live a life for a few days that they don’t usually get to with work and other responsibilities. So they are so excited to go off on this adventure. They start putting together an itinerary, and they realize that there are so many shows to choose from with the best priced Vegas show tickets. Where do they start? Here is a list of shows not to miss.

All Shook Up: Tribute to the King

Are they an Elvis Presley fan? This is the perfect show for them if they are, as it mostly consists of singing and dancing to his most well known songs. It takes place at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, as alcohol will definitely be involved, but again…isn’t it involved in everything that happens in Vegas? It’s an hour long jump into the past, and for anyone who likes Elvis or having a good time, this is a show that they shouldn’t miss. It’s also one of the least expensive shows to attend!

Blue Man Group at the Luxor Hotel and Casino

The Blue Man Group has become famous throughout the whole world and for good reason. They are hilarious! They are well-known for their comedy, music, and amazing visuals, and are certainly worth seeing. A plus to seeing this group is that they are family friendly, so if they have kids with them, this is the perfect show to see with them, as it is guaranteed that both kids and adults will be obsessed. This is a show that no one will be able to forget. It’s just that amazing.

Magic Mike Live

Who does not love Magic Mike? Now one can go watch it at a luxury resort and casino. Get a bit intoxicated and take a good friend, and it is guaranteed to be a great time. It’s the magic of Magic Mike happening right before their eyes, live! Some sites will have tickets listed for up to $30 off, making it an affordable experience and unforgettable experience. Just maybe don’t bring the kids to this one.


This eighteen years and older show is something different than what most people expect to see in Vegas, as it is sci-fi! This unique show is charming and a lot of fun to see. It is said to “defy explanation” because of how interesting and quirky it is. The show is suited for a mature audience with its pieces of humor and sometimes complete bizarreness. This is one of those shows that no one will be able to forget. It is worth seeing for those that enjoy things that are just a little bit odd but a lot of fun.