Whether you are looking for some emergency treatment, or you’ve moved to a new area, I’ve found it can be difficult to find a Dentist Office Near Me that provides the emergency care required or the services I want ongoing from my dentist.  Have you found the same?

Finding a Dentist Office Near Me

First of all do an Internet search for local dentists and find those that are closest to you, and then check out their online reviews.  Some dentists have shockingly bad reviews, but people keep going back because they think they’re tied to the same dentist because their dental records are there and they may find it hard to get a place on the list of another dentist.  So don’t pick the dentist closest to home, consider which have the bets reviews.

Now think about what dental service you and your family might require.  If you already have aesthetic dentistry such as caps and veneers, or you are considering have them then you would likely want to find a dental practice that has an Aesthetic Dentist on the team.  Likewise if you have children then you will be best finding a dentist that has a Pediatric Dental Specialist within the practice who will be able to carry out regularly check ups on your children’s teeth and provide ongoing advice on their dental care.

Whether you like to have a dental hygiene appointment regularly or you’ve been advised to have one by your dentist, an in-house dental hygienist is a must at larger dental practices so that you can prevent cavities and plaque.

A New Wave of Dental Practices

If you’re lucky to have one of the new Spa Dental Practices near to you then this is something you should definitely consider. Some will allow you to have a free trial or pay for a one off treatment or check up there.  But once you’ve experienced a Dental Spa you really won’t want to go back to a normal dentist.

Dental Spa Practices are designed to relax you, which is the exact opposite of what we tend to do when we go to a dentist!  Mirroring the Spa experience, having soothing background music, aromatherapy and headphones to block out the World while you wait, you will relax before and between treatments.  Other benefits can include complimentary drinks, lip balm, eye masks, scented moist towels and small treatments such as head massages which will help you feel totally relaxed ready for your dental treatment.

Check Your Health Insurance

One last thing to check before choosing a new dentist is whether they are able to take your healthcare provider’s cover, the last thing you want after a relaxing Spa like experience is to find out that you now have to pay for it yourself, because your healthcare provider won’t cover your treatment at that dental practice.

But its certainly a good time to consider where you and your family should go for your dental check ups and treatments.