When my friend Nick Herle moved to New York I was worried that we wouldn’t see each other as often any more. Yet since he has been there I have found that we have probably spent more time together than before, because I love NYC! Living somewhere which is a great tourist destination certainly ensures that you are going to get more visitors and this is certainly what Nick has been able to count on with me. Having visited so many times I wanted to share some top tips for any of you who may be planning a trip to the Big Apple.

Staten Island

There are 5 boroughs in New York which are Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island. When it comes to choosing where to stay, my advice would be to avoid Staten Island altogether. I made this mistake the first time that I went to see Nick and whilst Staten Island is a nice place, there is little to do there and you have to constantly be coming over the water to the rest of the city. I would recommend taking the free Staten Island ferry across to the other side and back, because it is here that you get the very best views of the city and the Statue of Liberty.

Walking Speed

You may wish to miimic what you have seen in movies by hailing a cab and speeding away in the yellow chariot, in really however, you are better off walking. The subway and walking are easily the two quickest ways to get around the city, going in car is almost always slower.

Times Square

Times Square is a cool place to look at, see the flashing lights and take a photo, unless you are going to Broadway, then this should be all that you do here. Times Square is a tourist trap paradise and everything is pretty expensive and not very authentic, get in, get the photo and get out again.

Don’t Eat Chains

If you want an authentic NYC experience then you have to avoid eating in chains, there really is no point. New York has some absolutely incredible places were you can go and eat, it just seems like a waste to sit in Wendy’s eating a burger when there are so many better options.

Cheap Trips

Many people avoid New York because they think that it is too expensive but the reality is that you can do this on a budget, the key will be in the planning. As you can imagine the lowest cost AirBnbs get snapped up quick, so if you plan ahead then you can secure some low cost accommodation. The same can be said for tickets for events and for flight tickets too. The earlier that you are able to plan your trip, the better the experience you will have and the lower you will be able to keep the cost.

Follow these tips for an incredible time in this super cool city.