Open House

Realtors know about brand management software and keeping their name in the public eye, but how do you manage a brand during a pandemic? Better yet, how do you sell houses when most of the country is facing some level of quarantine? Traditional open houses and showings do not work right now, which means realtors need to embrace technology and rely on it heavily. People need interactive digital options, and that is what the real estate industry has provided.

Virtual Walkthroughs

While every agent still needs to invest in real estate for sale signs templates, they also need to up their digital planning. Virtual walkthroughs are very popular during the pandemic, and they don’t have to be very high tech. You can supply customers with a decent virtual walkthrough by considering the order and quality of the pictures you put up online. Make sure there are clear markers that allow people to track their way through a property as they click through the images.

Video Tours

Another option for house showings in this pandemic is prerecorded tours. Again, the level of difficulty is minimal, so most real estate agents can handle it. Primarily, you will use your phone or a quality camera to film a walkthrough of the property in one shot. You do not need to talk; just take your time and capture the entire space.

Virtual Open Houses

Like video tours, virtual open houses are a recorded walkthrough of the property. However, with virtual open houses, the realtor will describe the property, providing viewers with an in-depth overview of property facts. Unfortunately, many of these open houses are also prerecorded, meaning potential buyers will not have the opportunity during the viewing to ask questions. Agents can purchase HomeSmart open house signs to advertise for a virtual open house the same way they would for a traditional tour.


Livestreaming is probably the best tool available for real estate showings during the pandemic. Livestreams allow an agent to schedule showings and interact with clients in real-time, much like a face-to-face meeting. While the Livestream process may seem a little more tech-savvy than the other options on this list, several platforms and applications make the process easy.

3d Mapping

Aside from a Livestream, 3d mapping is the next closest thing for customers wishing to control their house tour. When you map a property, prospective clients will see an exploded model of the home for sale. The client can then take their time clicking on specific areas on the home they want to view. They can also click on dots within an image to walk throughout the photographed room.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced change. Businesses, including real estate, need to find ways to adapt and profit. The tools listed above help realtors maintain showings, but many will still need help to survive these unprecedented times. If you are in real estate and want to know how to keep your brand relevant during the current pandemic, contact a brand management firm for help.