Some of us cannot stay within the confines of  boundaries or tread carefully in the grey zone. Some of us live to walk on the edge, test the deep waters, embrace wildness and get no less reckless  with each blood-pumping  adrenaline rush. If you’re one of the people who cannot be restrained by the chains of balance, then Africa is the place to go to hit the extreme of your fascination.This blog is a must-read to arouse the thrill seeker in you. Some of the most nerve wracking, goose bump inducing adventures await you in the great continent of Africa.

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

The indomitable Kilimanjaro, being the tallest free-standing mountain on the planet is sure to quench the thirst for a challenge. The trail is riddled with trials and is perfectly designed for the dauntless and stout-hearted. With several battles that test your mettle on the way up, the peak plays hard to get at a game you cherish the most. Despite what it takes from you, Mount Kilimanjaro gives you the most exhilarating, life altering experiences one could ask for. Picture yourself on the roof of Africa with spectacular, starry skies stretched out above and the sweeping grasslands of Tanzania spread out below.

Devil’s Pool, Zambia

Devil’s pool is a natural rock pool adjacent to the Livingstone island. The dry season is the perfect time to dive at your chance to visit this spectacular pool. It hangs onto the lip of the renowned Victoria falls and offers a lip-smacking thrill for the adventure hungry. The Victoria falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world is a mile wide sheet of river water drastically dropping into a breathtaking chaos of mist. Take a dip in the devil’s pool to be the spectator of this spectacle. Now for the most exciting bit, the pool lets you literally walk on the edge. That’s right, the river Zambezi drops thunderously into a fall from the edge of a wall of submerged rock, and YOU can walk all the way to this deliciously dangerous edge and stare down at the drop till your stomach drops.

Shark cage diving, Gansbaai, South Africa

The waters at Gansbaai are brimming with the largest density of shark population on the planet. The great white sharks being one of the most treacherous predators, are ideally something to watch out for, rather than to watch. But at Gansbaai, you defy all fear and logic, and take a dip in the waters to get an unimaginably close look at them. You might as well be a piece of bait dangling from a fisherman’s pole. But don’t you worry, a highly secure galvanized steel cage will keep you out of harm’s way. Hungry white sharks expectantly make their way to your cage and stare at you from a breath away. Feel your goosebumps rise with this madly intimate encounter with danger. Get yourself in ‘deep trouble’ at Gansbaai.

Soweto power plant, South Africa

The Orlando power station in South africa not only lets you throw all caution to the winds, but also lets you throw yourself into the skies. These cheerfully painted Orlando towers demand a spirit as vibrant and dauntless as the towers themselves. It is the hotspot to satiate your adrenaline cravings with a panorama of heart-pounding adventure activities to offer. They are under the highly reliable supervision of an experienced team. Bungee jumping, power swing, SCAD jump, rock climb, rap jumping and a lift ride to the viewing platform are the many exciting options laid out for you. Along with tasting an unparalleled, uncontrolled thrill, you can also relish the gorgeous view of the Johannesburg landscape. Soak in a true sense of freedom and exhilaration at the Soweto power plant.

Apart from our personal favorites listed above, Africa hosts an abundance of other activities for the dauntless and uncurbed soul. Discover your wild side and grab a slice of raw, insane indulgence in the great continent of Africa. Feel every heartbeat and whip up an adventure like never before! If you’re still waiting within your walls, it’s time you made your escape.