Los Angeles is becoming one of the top marijuana delivery areas in the country, and those passing laws are hoping that this will be a signal to the rest of America to hop on board the train. Even when it’s only proposed for tax purposes, businessmen eat up the opportunity to tax medical cannabis like there’s no tomorrow. Is this a good thing?

There are many who actually need medical marijuana, and they’ve been fighting an uphill battle. Taxation is actually a good thing, because it brings everything out into the light and shows lawmakers that there’s a gain for them as well, but how will upcoming recreational sales impact L.A.?

As many experts have been anticipating, like many other trends across the country, Los Angeles is going to become the cannabis capital of the nation. Los Angeles is no stranger to putting change on the stage for America, and this is no exception. We’re looking at different ways that this might affect the country, but Los Angeles is going to be the test phase, the petri dish of activity to shape the rest of the country, so there’s one shot to do it right.

When it comes to medical marijuana delivery, the most (expected) search term for locals in Los Angeles is bound to be “Weed delivery near me” in a matter of hours after the change goes into effect. Will that affect things in a positive or negative way? There’s a lot to do and a lot more to think about, which is why it’s so important to follow the movement through dispensaries in Los Angeles like Green Door West.