Consumer reviews

As the internet is such an important factor of our lives, the way we shop has changed drastically over the last ten years or so.  Long gone are the days of ordering online to receive the product weeks later. Next day delivery has increased the percentage of customers who prefer shopping online.  This means that you have a huge opportunity of increasing sales within your business.  Consumer reviews have a major impact on people looking for a purchase and all the retail experts such as the brilliant Remi Landau constantly talk about the importance of reviews for businesses.  One bad review can instantly put a customer off your business and it is so important that your online presence is a positive one.  I have included why reviews are so important and how they can help the growth of your business.

The Benefit of Positive Reviews

We have all done it, before making a purchase online we always tend to read a handful of reviews to make sure the product meets our needs.  Reading reviews can give you peace of mind and make you feel more confident about a purchase.  Whilst you cannot always completely avoid a negative review from a consumer, you can improve your products or service to make them rare.  Some customers will go out of their way to provide you with a review but there are ways you can make this easier for them.  When customers make a purchase online, they usually do it by creating an account using their email.  When you have a customer’s email the opportunities are endless.  When the customer has completed a purchase, you can email them to ask for a review and you can use those reviews to promote the quality of your business. 

Customer Faith

Having positive reviews about your business or product will give the customer faith to choose you over others.  Positive reviews will put the customer’s mind at ease and will give them a lot more confidence about your business.  This will increase your sale margin massively and the more sales you have, the more reviews you will receive.  As long as you are providing a good service, it is a flawless system.

Improving Your Business Based on Negative Reviews

Nobody likes receiving negative feedback, especially about your business.  Whilst it is not nice to see customer dissatisfaction, try to look at the positives.  Try to look at the negative reviews in a constructive way.  If the customer has a valid reason to leave you a negative review, get in contact with them.  Use their poor experience to improve your business, learn from your mistakes!  Contacting customers who have left a bad review can increase the chances of them returning to your business.  Even though they were not happy, it will show them the initiative you have taken to resolve the issues they have had.  This will again give the customer the confidence that you can resolve any potential issue.  All reviews from good to bad are so vital for your business, perfect your review process and the growth of your business has so much potential.