Family business

There has been a lot of talk over the years that members of the same family should never work together. This however is a myth which has been perpetuated over the years, with little by way of truth behind it. In fact if you ask Rick Frank Andreoli Montreal businessmen who have forged a number of successful companies in the city, they will tell you straight away that far from being a problem, working with family has in fact been a huge benefit which they have enjoyed over the years.

The reason why this is often said is because there is a notion that a business could cause a family to fall out, this rarely happens however and here is exactly why going into business with your family make so much sense.


When you and your partner have a disagreement about a certain path of action, it is far more likely that you would concede your position to a family member than to a partner who is not family. The reason for this is that you trust each other and it is easier to give the other a win this time around, and then get one back when there is another dispute or argument. People say that making decisions is tougher with family, this simply isn’t the case.

Trust in the Business

Working in the same business as someone else means that you need to have a great deal of trust in that person. In fact the large majority of cases of embezzlement that we see, have been committed by someone who is trusted in the business. When it comes to family however, this isn’t even a question and the trust is there from the outset. This just saves so much trouble and so much hassle, knowing that you will never have to worry about what your partner is up to.

Getting Over Hardship

Bad things can happen in business, and invariably they do happen. When that bad event takes place you will be thankful that you have a family member on side to help you through this situation and to get through it together. When business partners who are not family members go through something like this, it puts great pressure on their relationship, this is something which won’t happen if you are already working with your family.

You Know Them Best

Being able to say that you know your business partner inside out is an incredible thing to be able to say and it will help in so many situations. Not only this but if you are working with family members then this is going to save you so much time in getting to know the person who you are working with. From plans for the future to decision making, knowing your business partner inside out is going to be absolutely vital to making sure that the business continues to run well, and that is exactly what you will be able to count on when you are working with family.

Don’t believe the myths, working with family can be incredibly beneficial.