Digital Nomad

I came to Mexico City from Thailand 2 years ago with the ambition of setting up an online business. At that stage I had been traveling for a couple of years but wanted to settle in for a while and really make a go of the business.

The reason for choosing Mexico City in fact was because I had a friend here Rose Burillo who runs a co-working space. The way she described the scene Mexico City was what convinced me to come and I have to say that this has certainly been a great place to start the business. There are certain things which I think all digital nomad hubs should have, and these are the key aspects to look for if you are in the market for a hub to launch your business. 

Low Cost of Living 

It is no secret that those people who wish to launch a business to continue a digital nomad lifestyle do not want to be big spenders, at least not yet. This is one of the key reasons why it is so important for hubs to offer a low cost of living. This is certainly something which I have in Mexico City and there are many more cities around the world which also offer something similar. 

Like Minded

It is not just the infrastructure which you need in a hub city but also to be able to see, meet and connect with others who are working in a similar way. This is beneficial from 2 points of view, the first is that you can make friends and build relationships with people who have a similar way of working to you, and the second is that it could be critical from a business standpoint. Meeting people who do things like graphic design or who work in social media for example could be the perfect contacts to make when you are launching your business. 


If you are anything like me then you will want to make sure that you keep traveling and taking trips and that is why it makes sense to find a hub which has good links for access. Mexico City is not amazing in this regard when it comes to the likes of Asia, but if you are looking for links throughout the Americas then that is certainly something which you can find here. 

Great Pace of Life 

Even when you are setting up a business it should be equal amounts of work and play and that is why you have to pick a city or destination which can offer you both places to get your head down and work, as well as places to go out and enjoy yourself. For me a great part of the reason for coming to CDMX was that the lifestyle here is good fun and there are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself. 

These are what to look for when you are hunting for a great hit to base yourself in.