I have to be honest that when I first started hearing professional experts in the medical field talking about vaccines being released in late 2020, I genuinely didn’t believe them. Even in early May I can remember watching the brilliant Steven Stapinski Andover discussing the progress that was being made and I was absolutely blown away. And now of course as we have the Pfizer and the modern vaccines ready to go it is time for us to turn our attention to what things will be like post-vaccine. 

To those of us who have been hit hardest by this virus, we have a number of responsibilities to the planet that we have to come through on. This then is what we should all be working on post-vaccine. 

Never Again 

 The first and most important thing that we have to take from this is an attitude that never again will we allow ourselves to be shut down like this because of a virus. We have to ask and vote our politicians to take steps which will remove the possibility of this ever happening again, we simply cannot lose more time to something like this. 

Social Contact 

Owing to the amount of time that we have all been under these conditions we are all very much in danger of accepting this as an entirely new normal, a new normal which means we never get back to the old normal. We all need to rage against this and ensure that we hug and touch and kiss just like we used to. Prior to all of this we would do this without fear for the passing on of a cold or worse, and we have to get back to that. A nation which lives under this kind of fear will lose so much if we fail to get back to before. 

Launching Ourselves

A great amount of damage has been done in the world and especially to a large number of businesses and industries who have faced great difficulties because of what has happened this year. It is on us then to bring these economies and these industries back to their best. Once we are all safe and vaccinated we have to get out there in the world and experience life again, we have to boost economies and we have to work together to get the world back on its feet. 


We have got to start enjoying ourselves again after this terrible year. This means that once safety is found, it is up to all of us to learn the lessons which we have lived through and enjoy life once again. Many will carry scars from this year, that is to be expected, yet we must not let this year define us, always remember that after most busts, the boom will come again. 

We all owe it ourselves to celebrate and enjoy life once again after all of this is done.