Medical Dispensary

Finding weed in Canada is easier than it has ever been. Since the Canadian federal government legalized recreational marijuana throughout the country, easy access to weed is no big deal. Finding your fresh bud, concentrates, and CBD products is as easy as visiting a retail store.

The easiest place to find a dispensary is in British Columbia; pretty much all of the weed in Canada is grown in BC, so there is no shortage of dispensaries. But what about those Canadians living in the east?

Well lucky for you Ontario residents, there are also plenty of dispensaries to choose from. Lots of the weed grown in western BC is shipped to the other provinces of Canada. Ontarians can also reap the benefits of potent, flavorful, and fresh BC bud.

If you aren’t one of the many Canadians who has taken advantage of an ACMPR license to grow, you probably purchase your weed at a dispensary. Next time you go on a cannabis shopping spree in Ontario, check out one of these topa dispensaries in the province.

Natural Green Compassion, Hamilton

The name says it all. Natural Green Compassion in Hamilton has a compassionate team who cares about providing you with the best green possible. The staff members can assist you in obtaining a medical marijuana prescription so you can shop for their medical products. Their weed has been known to help with pain, stress, and anxiety disorders.

Ottawa Medical Dispensary, Ottawa

The country’s capital is home to tons of weed-smoking Canadians. Because of this, you have quite a few dispensaries in Ottawa to choose from. One of the best is Ottawa Medical Dispensary. It has one of the best and biggest varieties of medical-grade cannabis to choose from in all of Ontario. You can find Ottawa Medical Dispensary at 39 Antares Drive.

Mother Earth Medicinals, Toronto

Toronto has no shortage of dispensaries, so finding the right one can be a challenge. Look no further, because Mother Earth Medicinals has got all of your weed-related needs covered. You can tell that they mean business just by visiting the MEM website. To see what they have on hand, you can check out their homepage and click on the “Menu” tab.

You can see the strains they are currently carrying as well as the price of a gram, an eighth, a quarter, a half ounce, and a full ounce. Right now Mother Earth Medicinals has Death Bubba, Kings Kush, Querkel, Skywalker, and a few more. You can purchase loose bud or pre-rolled joints to make your weed-smoking life easier.

Health Cannabis Inc., Newmarket

Health Cannabis Incorporated was established in 2013, so it knows the ins and outs of the cannabis world. Their main focus at HCI is to improve your quality of life by providing some of the best weed in Canada. The products at this dispensary are specifically designed to help patients experiencing pain, seizures, muscle spasms, and nausea.

Health Cannabis Inc. is not only one of the top dispensaries in Newmarket, but also in all of Ontario. They offer affordable weed products that can help with chronic pain and other ailments.