As new construction products continue to pop up around our towns and cities, we’re seeing more glass railings on balconies and around pools. Whether it be a hotel, office building, or apartment building, each is finding uses for glass that show this fencing material is becoming the new go-to material for railing systems. There are many reasons that show why this will remain a popular trend in the future. 

Let’s take a look at some of the ways glass fences and railings are so popular today.  

They Meet Building Codes with Style

Today’s building codes require railings for balconies, high patios, and hotel pool areas… and it’s good to they do. The last thing a building owner needs is to have an ongoing concern with safety. These railings do their job by being extremely strong and durable. But they also do it in style, adding value to a property. People can enjoy an enhanced experience of open, unobstructed views that office and hotel spaces provide. The better looking and functioning the property becomes, the more value it has for the tenants, buyers, and sellers of properties. 

Easily Update A Hotel or Multifamily Complex 

With all the beauty and safety these railings provide, they are also easy to install. Glass and pool railings can be easily made to fit any size patio, veranda, balcony, and pool area. And once installed, the benefits are clear. Hotel guests and residents of multifamily complexes can now take advantage of wide-open views of the surrounding area as well as enjoy the beauty of pools and surrounding landscaping. Renovation and remodeling offer financial benefits by creating added appeal. Glass fences and railings quickly and easily modernize any building to make them more appealing to new tenants and guests.  

Attractive Safety

Pools, in themselves, are very good looking, and a lot of work is put into creating welcoming and luxurious pool settings. Nothing can downgrade the look of a pool more than an unattractive fence. Pool fencing is required by law on commercial properties, guarding children and even adults from unexpected falls. But the wrong fence can make it uninviting and unattractive. The right fence can turn pool areas into a place you are drawn to and enjoy. Glass pool fences transform these spaces to be more welcome and relaxing while supplying beautiful views in the process.