skin care

Having dull and unclear skin is every woman’s nightmare. As we age, the need to take care of our bodies become more evident. Our body, especially our skin start to show signs of aging, which could be a cause of major concern for some of us.

To cope with these blemishes brought about by the changes in our body, we take supplements and begin meticulous regimen in taking care of our skin, particularly the face.

Fortunately, cosmetology and dermatology provide answers and solutions for these dilemmas. There is a solution to every skin care problem available in the market. For blemishes and dark spots – there are creams, for dull and dry skin – there are moisturizers and for age line – there are anti-aging face serums

Although some people may think that face serums are unnecessary, the truth is, serums actually play a vital role in a beauty regimen for a number of reasons.

Serums operate on a cellular level

Unlike moisturizers, serums are of much thinner consistency, making it easier to be absorbed by the skin. They are made of much smaller particles that can access the skin on a cellular level – a faster way of activating the production of healthier skin cells.

Serums are essential in maintaining hydrated skin

Serums are packed with the vital components in making and maintaining well-hydrated glowing skin. Ingredients such anti-oxidants – anti-aging substances, essential vitamins for healthier skin and hyaluronic acid – is a very important factor in keeping moisture in the cells. So using serums can eradicate the worry of having dry skin and looking older.

Serums contain Vitamin C

Serums are rich in Vitamin C which acts as a booster for the production of collagen – a very important factor in sustaining the skin’s elasticity. As a result, there would be reduction of wrinkles and fine lines.

Because as we age, the body’s capacity to produce collagen also weakens, so it is vital that we compensate for this decline by using serums and the likes. This way the skin’s elasticity is preserved enabling you to maintain a lighter healthy glowing skin.

Serums are much lighter than moisturizers

Moisturizers are of much thicker consistency, thus the absorption of vitamins and minerals take longer. Whereas, serums are of much lighter consistency, making it easier to be absorbed. Although serums cannot be substitutes for moisturizers, you can consider serums as enhancers for your moisturizer. The serum’s ingredients can aid in the stimulation of skin cells making it readily absorbent for the effects of the moisturizer. 

A woman’s body is a temple, therefore each and every part is to be treated with utmost care and importance. But the face in particular, is the first thing people would notice about you, so it is only fitting that you take care of it meticulously and delicately. 

Using serums can prove to be very helpful in keeping your skin healthy. The ideal time to apply serums would be in the morning before your moisturizer and after cleansing at night. Please take note than when using serums, you only pat it lightly onto your skin, do not rub it in.

Since aging is inevitable, we can at least do it gracefully. A healthy looking skin indicates a healthy body. When we look healthier, we certainly look younger.