Entertainment is something that has become a major part of all our lives. After all, when we are not busy with work or family life, it is fun to unwind. The modern age has brought many choices in this area and cutting-edge tech is a major reason for that. Online casinos are a great example and they use digital technology to bring the casino into your own home. Not only that, online tech can also help give you free money to play with! Using the Golden Nugget online casino bonus code is one illustration of how this idea works.

When it comes to entertainment it is not only what we do but how we do it. That has changed greatly over the years and means that what we now use to be entertained is much different from that of 30 or 40 years ago. But just how has the way we stay entertained changed forever? 


When it comes to the history of entertainment, TV was a major breakthrough in how we all liked to spend our free time. So immense was TV as a technological advance that it is still going strong today and holds its own in terms of popularity. TV brought entertainment into the home for the whole family and gave us something that was fun and informative to fill our free time with. 

John Logie Baird is the name most associated with the invention of TV as we know it. In the early 1920’s, he developed a mechanical set that used disks with holes in that rotated in spiral patterns. Following his initial designs, electric TV sets were invented by Philip Taylor Farnsworth around 1927. These sets used cathode ray tubes to display the pictures and were superior to early models. Color TV was introduced in the mid 1960’s and since then the sets have become more and more advanced. Now LED TV’s and Smart sets use online tech to work and we have remote controls to change channels. 


Although desktop computers were and still are used by some for entertainment purposes, the laptop was arguably the next tech advance. These small computers are much smaller in size than desktop models and are completely portable. This was great for entertainment purposes as it meant you could watch whatever you liked, wherever you were. 

The first idea for laptop tech came in the mid-1970’s from a guy called Alan Kay at Xerox PARC. Called the Dynabook, it was the first inkling of just how useful a portable computer could be. Of course, it was nothing like the ones we use now for entertainment purposes. Modern laptops are more powerful, have better sound and use online tech to help us stream the best shows. movies or music to enjoy. They can also be used to shop online, use social media or a range of other fun activities.


The invention of smartphones brings us neatly up to date. They are now so common they need no explanation. It is estimated that billions of people own a smartphone around the world and use them every day. Big names include Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy but newcomers like Huawei have also sold well. Smartphones are like an amalgamation of all the tech that has gone before them but in a smaller, cooler, easier to carry around version. They also give you access to cool apps to download and lots of other features including text messaging. 

First launched in 1992, smartphones are the way to communicate and many people use them for entertainment.  Whether you are at home, on a work break or out with friends, it is your mobile that you will turn to mostly when looking for something to do. Whether it is emailing people, video calling, catching up on social media or browsing the net, they offer so much.

Entertainment is now a lot different  

When you look at the devices we now use it is clear to see just how this has changed the way we source entertainment forever. People now use their laptops or smartphones to do what they want, when and where they want. That is a lot different from the past when you all had to huddle around the same TV set and watch whatever was on the few terrestrial channels. Modern online tech now enables us to watch or listen to whatever we like, in any room of the house and from a huge number of sources.