Best Outplacement for Companies

One of the best ways you can invest in your employees’ futures is to start researching outplacement companies in your area. New to outplacement and not quite sure what it is all about? Basically it is a service that a company invests in to help laid-off or terminated employees with finding their next job.

It is a major perk to work for a company that provides outplacement for worst case scenarios. Obviously nobody hopes to get fired and nobody wants to do the firing but sometimes it is inevitable. There is no such thing as complete job security but you can at least have peace of mind when you work for a company that has invested in outplacement.

Company owners looking to take the leap into the world of outplacement might have a difficult time choosing the right program. When doing research on outplacement companies in your area you’ll notice that the highly-rated ones have a few things in common. Here’s what they are.

They offer individualized attention

There a some cheaper-than-average outplacement options but these typically do not offer individual attention. The pricier ones tend to offer more personal support to each of your terminated employees rather than clumping them all into one large group.

Even though these individualized outplacement programs are more costly they are completely worth it. Each person will get the attention they deserve and better learn the tips and tricks involved in finding their next paycheck. Look for an outplacement company that specialized in one-on-one sessions rather than group workshops.

They provide at least 1 month of support

Although it is possible to find a job right after being fired it is not often the case. Usually it take about 6 weeks of scouring Indeed and Monster, sending out hundreds of applications, and setting up several interviews.

The best outplacement services offer at least 30 days of support but try to find one with even more than this. A company called Employment Boost offers 45+ days and some of the packages even include a full 3 months of support.

They only employ professionals in the field

Another huge perk of finding a solid outplacement service is that your employees will have the chance to work with professional-level job seekers. The cheap outplacement packages won’t have as many pros on staff and they certainly won’t have as much experience in job hunting and resume building. If you want to give your employees the ultimate chance of finding a job right away they will need support from professional outplacement agents.

They have tons of success stories from past clients

An outplacement company without success stories should not be trusted. The main purpose of making the investment is to ensure the future of your employees. You need to find a company that can make that happen and get them back into the workforce as quickly as possible.  Do your research and look into the company’s success by reading reviews and testimonials.