Why An Accessory Dwelling Unit is an Exciting Investment Idea

Los Angeles has been leading the way in the construction of accessory dwelling units for a number of years. In fact there are many looking for an accessory dwelling unit Los Angeles extension to their own properties, which are creative and offer a range of benefits to those who are making the investment. This is not a small investment by any stretch of the imagination but the great thing is that  it is an investment which is worth every single cent.

Here is why this is such an exciting investment idea and why so many people are looking at adding an accessory dwelling unit to their property.

Living Benefits

On the face of it many people will talk about an ADU like a money making venture and that is something which you can certainly use this kind of property for. What these people fail to recognize however is that this kind of addition to the home provides an enormous amount of benefits for the homeowners. We see many people using these properties to bring in elderly family members where they can live wit independence but close to the family. Another option here is to give teenagers a little bit of independence and experience of living alone, without actually leaving the family home.

Rental Benefits

It would of course be remiss of us not to discuss the clear money making opportunities which this kind of investment presents. The first area to make money is to use this ADU as a rental property, either short term or long term. Many people look to open up the building as a short term rental such as an AirBnb, others will look at getting long term renters in. This provides some steady cashflow for the owner and it also ensures that they are able to recoup some money from the original investment. This is certainly one of the biggest and best benefits which people have who invest in an accessory dwelling unit.

Adding Value

Whenever you are looking at making a sizable investment on your property it is of course essential that you consider how much money you are going to be able to add onto the overall value of the property. Even if you are not looking to sell the place any time soon, it is smart business to bear this in mind when investing such a large amount. The great news is that an ADU will not only add a huge chunk of value onto your home, it is also going to make the place far more attractive to would-be buyers. This is yet again why building this kind of extension makes so much sense. You can recoup much of the investment through renting it out and then at the end still get a lot of money back through additional value of the property.

These are just some of the reasons why this makes for a smart and exciting investment for your property.