In my final year of college I decided that the time had come to swallow my pride and opt for private tutoring to help me make it through that tough final year. I knew that this was going to cost me money that I probably couldn’t afford, but my thinking was that it was either this, or have to struggle through and run the risk of not doing so great at college. I shopped around and spoke with a couple of local tutors, and found the perfect fit for me in a lady named Heather, who was marvelous. At theme a couple of my friends knocked me for getting a private tutor but I was convinced that it would be the right move for me and so I persevered. Everything worked out well for me, and I put much of that down to the help which my tutor provided me with, if you have been pondering getting tutor, here is why I’d recommend it. 

Better Grades

Contrary to what many may think, the use of a tutor is not just for those students who are having a hard time or who can’t understand something, this is just one type of student who uses a tutor. What these private sessions can also help you to do is improve your grades on the whole. I had no doubt whatsoever moving into my final year of uni that I was going to come out with a good grade, what my concern was is that I wasn’t going to leave with a great grade, and that is what I wanted. 

One on One

I cannot tell you just how helpful it is to have these one on one sessions with someone, it’s like having a hotline to you teacher, and it is so helpful. You can ask whatever you want at any point during the session, you can spend an entire hour on something which perhaps should only take a minute or two and you can pick the brains of your tutor to make sure that you have wrapped your head around everything that you are learning.

Tailor Made

Something which is important to remember is that we are not all made the same and we all learn things in different ways and at different paces. With that in mind it is great to learn that a tutor will, over time, gain an understanding for how you learn best, and they will tailor your sessions in that way, to make sure that they get the best out of you. This is something that I really loved and I have to say that it was one of the things which helped me most when I was working with Heather. 

The point is that a private tutor can help you  to clear up misunderstandings that you may have, they will help to push you to understand something and they will ensure that you are a more learned student when you have finished you session than when you started.