Daniel DeKoter is one of the most respected attorneys in Iowa and Osceola County. He often helps residents make smart decisions, with a focus on education. One of the topics that Daniel DeKoter recently highlighted is in connection with bankruptcy law. He says that although hiring such a specialist is vital for what is going to happen to both the individual and the company, many try to do everything alone. This can lead to various problems so here are DeKoter’s reasons why you should always hire bankruptcy attorneys in Iowa or any other part of the country.

Bankruptcy Law Is Very Complex

People do not realize this but there are different bankruptcy types for businesses, individuals and even farm owners. It is imperative to file for the correct bankruptcy type. People that want to do this alone usually end up choosing a bankruptcy chapter that is wrong. This leads to assets being lost, time is lost and important debts not being eliminated.

The bankruptcy attorney is going to offer advice about the best chapter type for the individual. At the same time, he can talk to clients about asset losses and tax consequences that are going to appear. As an example, the bankruptcy attorney can tell if you the car will be taken in or if you can actually keep it.

Bankruptcy Forms Are Highly Complex

Most people never filled out legal forms and do not understand how complicated this is. Unfortunately, with the bankruptcy filing, everything is even more complicated than usual. It is very easy to miss various required forms that would have a huge impact on the case. One thing that people rarely tell you is that it is even possible to have to fill out twenty forms for one bankruptcy.

Daniel DeKoter highlights that bankruptcy attorneys can easily show clients how forms have to be filled. They can even do the actual filling. Any form that is incorrectly formed or that misses vital information will hurt the case. Also, this can actually get you into deep problems as you could be faced with fraud charges.

Bankruptcy Procedures Are Also Complex

The individual that files for bankruptcy alone has to learn all that is needed for proper procedures. This includes the files that have to be submitted, where the forms are submitted, the time frame of everything and even whether or not eligibility requirements are met. Simply because you file for bankruptcy does not mean you are actually eligible.

Many self-filed bankruptcy cases end up dismissed because of various administrative errors. This includes not offering the right documents, not showing up at some meetings with creditors and submitting the wrong forms.


No matter what you might think, if you want to file for bankruptcy, the best thing you can do is to hire an experienced bankruptcy attorney. This is practically the only way to be sure common errors are avoided. The reasons mentioned above should clearly highlight way. Try to find those attorneys that have the highest possible experience since their support is highly valuable.