Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the world. It boasts of the most luxurious tourist experiences. It is also known for its modern architectural wonders. It is a leading pioneer in many technological and architectural feats in the world, which can be seen if you go through the list of attractions in Dubai. You must have often heard of the Burj Khalifa, but, most of us often forget that there is way more to Dubai than just the skyscraper. There are beaches, world-famous water parks, underwater zoo, and the best summer shopping escapades ensconced in the folds of Dubai. Although it is a small city, it takes no less than a whole week to fully explore its wonders and all that it has to offer. Luxury and exoticness know no bounds in this Arabic city. It has great options for luxury shopping, fine dining, and great nightlife! If you are wondering how to get there, don’t worry. This article has that covered too. Book cheap flights to Dubai which start from INR 5,886 only.

Mall of the Emirates

Get all your summer shopping done in this huge Mall of the Emirates. As grandiose as the name sounds, the mall itself is much more extravagant than that. With domed ceilings and many international departmental stores, this mall also has its Ski centre. The sheer brilliance of this place is astounding and will take your breath away! Do bags of shopping from this high-end mall and experience the feel of gliding through a hill of snow!

Jumeirah Beach

The stretches of soft white sand will leave you besotted with this beach. The turquoise water laps at you while you bask in the sun. If you are staying in the Jumeirah hotels, like the seven-star Burj Al Arab, you can enjoy your private beach! There are many recreational activities on this beach too, like surfing, snorkeling, water biking, jet skiing, paragliding, and much more! Lather up the sunscreen and get ready to splash your day away with this absolute beauty of a beach. You can also retreat within the cool walls of the mosque that is nearby.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

The sheer brilliance of the engineering of this place, along with the aesthetics hits you at once as soon as you walk in into the mouth of this mammoth of an aquarium. You can see how fishes are reared and fed. You can see the aquatic life in its habitat! Corals, jellyfishes, colourful fishes, and many more, just going about in their life while you observe them.

Wild Wadi Waterpark

A day well spent is the one spent in the water parks. Don’t you agree? Located in the fortunate site of Jumeirah hotels, the Burj Al Arab looms over it. Wild Wadi offers a series of stunning rides and interesting attractions for the whole family. Themed around an Arabic folktale character Juha, this waterpark is considered to be one of the best. It is open only on the weekends, so take care to book your cheap flights to Dubai accordingly. The cooling effects of the water rides, as well as the adrenalin spikes, give a deadly combination.

The World

This artificial archipelago of many tiny islands is constructed to resemble the rough outline of the world map. The engineering skills of Dubai are again flaunted in the creation of this intriguing archipelago. The World is located in the Persian Gulf, which is a mere 4 km away from the coast of Dubai. The World is made up of 300 islands which are made from the sand that’s dredged from the shallow coastal regions of the Pacific Ocean.

Dubai calls to your luxury-loving soul. Can you hear it? Can you hear the waves repeatedly crashing at the Palm Jumeirah islands, calling out to you to visit this engineering as well architectural marvel? The wonders of Dubai are never-ending. There are cheap flight tickets to Dubai! Just decide which price and date suit your needs the most, hop on the airplane and visit Dubai during these holidays.