I have just finished my final year of a 4 years doctorate at the American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and it has truly been one of the greatest experiences of my life. If you have an interest in studying Oriental medicine then I really cannot recommend this place enough and it is the perfect place to study this traditional approach to medicine. What sets this place apart is the range of programs which it offers, the principles, theories and the clinical applications of traditional Chinese and Oriental medicine, as well as their approach to helping their students. If you are considering it then here are 5 reasons why this is the college you should study at.


Here at the college they do not just teach you about the history and the practice fo Oriental medicine but far more beyond that. Here they will teach you about wider issues such as administration and management, which helps students to form a solid foundation from which to launch a career in this industry or in the industry of healthcare.


Another reason why this is the best college for studying traditional Chinese and Oriental medicine is that here is where you will find the best professors in the land. Many of those who teach here have actually studied in Asia and they all have a huge wealth of experience in this industry. Throughout your time here you will be able to learn from the very best minds in this industry.


There are a huge range of programs on offer at this college and whether you are looking for a taster course, a masters or a doctorate qualification, you will find it all available at the American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  I personally decided to do the doctorate because it was something which I am really looking to forge a career in, I have many friends who took short courses here and then decided to turn it into a longer course, something which you can also do here.

Award Winning

Don’t just take my word for it that this is the best college for studying traditional medicine, it is a college which has also won numerous awards and has hosted massive conventions in the past. This is widely considered as the best college for this subject in the whole of the USA.


Another aspect of this college is its treatment rooms which members of the public can use, giving students the chance to get some hands on experience and practice what they have been learning. This is something which not every college is able to offer and it is something which really sets the college apart from the rest.

This is a fantastic topic to study and one which you can use to improve your own health as well as that of your clients. If you do decide to study, this is the perfect location to do just that.