Going on vacation might seem like a pipe dream, but there are many ways to fund your dream if you really want it. Maybe you dream of relaxing in Bali or hiking to the top of Mount Everest. Perhaps you just want a weekend away or you’d love to backpack through Europe. Saving up for a vacation isn’t impossible.

Start the process by creating a vacation budget. How much does it cost to get there? How much are the hotels? What do the activities cost? How much is food? Will you need ground transportation? If you’re serious about making your dream a reality, this vacation budget is critical. It gives you a concrete goal to work toward and helps you check off key milestones. This can be a big motivator to help you stay on track. Here are some ways to fund that vacation.

Take out a Starter Loan

A small starter loan is a great option for people trying to build their credit. They have easy to follow loan terms, are smaller dollar amounts, and help boost your credit score. If you don’t have credit yet, but you have a job, just search for starter loans near me and you’d be amazed at the options. This can help you have a great weekend getaway especially if you need some time to destress. With short payment terms, you’ll have the loan paid off in no time.

Sell Stuff

Most people have a lot of extra things hanging around that could make them extra cash. A yard sale could be effective, but you could also try selling items on Letgo and other sales apps. You’d be amazed at how much you can make with very little effort. Selling your things just requires time to sort, take pictures, and list all the key features. For collectibles and memorabilia, you could list your items on places like E-Bay. Social media is also another great place to sell. Facebook has a marketplace just for approved items.

Save a Little From Every Paycheck

Creating a good budget and setting aside money from every paycheck is a great way to save up for a vacation. It may mean you have to say no to some extra Starbucks and eat home cooked meals more often, but the sacrifices are worth it when you get to go on your dream trip. Just imagine what it’ll feel like when you get to go on your vacation.

Start a Side Hustle

There are plenty of great reasons to start a side hustle. Whether you resell free stuff you find on Craigslist or offer handyman services, there are countless ways to earn extra in a side hustle. Roll up your sleeves and get creative, because the faster you can earn extra money, the faster you can go on that trip. If you don’t want to come up with your own side hustle idea, then why not try one of the many gig opportunities out there. You can drive for Uber, deliver food with DoorDash, and even transcribe audio and video with Rev.

Travel Off-Season

Unless there is a reason to go in a particular season, you’ll get the best deals for your vacation when you travel in the off-season. Your money will go farther, and you might be able to afford to do more things when you go on your trip. There is no need to choose between snorkeling or parasailing, just do both. Traveling in the off-season also means popular locations are less crowded which can make for a more enjoyable trip. For vacations to places like Universal Studios, Legoland, and Disney Resorts, this means that you’ll spend more time on rides and less time in line.

Ask For Family Gifts in Cash

If your family gives you or your children gifts for birthdays and holidays, ask for cash instead. Let them know your plan to go on a trip, where you plan to go, and that you are saving money for it. This is one way to avoid getting too much stuff, but to also add a little more cash to the fund. It’s also a fun way to get family involved in your dream vacation plans. They may even decide to give a little extra than normal to help you reach your goal faster.