It seems like every other day we are hearing about some incredible plant wit magical powers, seeds which have been found in the depths of the Earth’s core which can cure all manner of diseases, along with plenty more speculation about the power of superfoods. Some of these stories are of course false promises, but there are others which have an incredible amount of proven benefits. One such plant which we are going to look at today, is ginseng, in particular Korean red ginseng. The Asian community have trusted in plants and their powers for many years and this is one of the most incredible plants which they use in Chinese medicine for example. If you want to know more about Korean red ginseng benefits, read on to find out.

Aerobic Capacity

A government backed investigation into the power of supplements and plants recently found that Korean red ginseng had incredible powers in terms of endurance and fatigue. A concurrent study into red ginseng also found that those who took the plant for 30 days, increased there exercise time by more than 7 minutes. These figures are very impressive and given the fact that they have come from research carried out by a governmental agency, they should be more trustworthy than others.

Mood and Cognition

The Brain Performance and Nutrition Research Center in the UK carried out testing on Korean red ginseng with regards to cognition and emotion. They gave the candidates a mixture of placebo and tablets with red ginseng, for 30 days to see what the effects were. Astonishingly those who took the ginseng over this period of time, showed signs of lower stress levels, higher levels of calm, as well as increased cognitive activity. When used right, ginseng can greatly increase your focus, your ability to deal with stress, as well as your ability to make decisions.


Insomnia is something that many around the world suffer from and with the exception of one or two products on the market, there isn’t yet a real cure for the problem. Korean red ginseng however has been medically proven to create the endocrine gland, the gland in your body which metabolizes vitamins and absorbs minerals. The idea behind this is that heightened vitamin production and mineral absorption, can ensure that the body has all the nutrients which it needs to fall asleep with ease.


Korean red ginseng has also been found as great way to boost our immune system. In a recent study, subjects were injected with just 100mg of red ginseng each day for 4 weeks. Following this the subjects were exposed to the flu virus, with just 12% of those who had been administered with ginseng contacting the virus. This bodes very well for the future and researchers are looking into creating ways in which we can harness the power of ginseng, for the prevention of otters diseases.