Look no further for loft ladder ideas for your home.  Often a loft space or mezzanine floor is designed and built and the ladder system is an after thought.  Often the inclination is to add a cheap retractable aluminum or wooden ladder system which folds away when not in use and to be honest doesn’t look great at all.  We certainly wouldn’t think of replacing our main staircase in our home with an off the shelf ladder system, and although the space available to the loft area is smaller so a stairwell isn’t possible, there are plenty of options to make the ladder a lot more appealing.

Some Very Good Loft Ladder Ideas

First thing to consider is what material you want your loft ladders to be.  There are actually a few choices, which all offer the opportunity to have them finished in different ways.  Your first option is aluminum ladders, which are lightweight, but bulky and look less bespoke than other options.  But they are probably your cheapest option. You can have aluminum ladders finished in different colors, perhaps spray painted so they are less obnoxious.

Another choice is steel ladders, and these may be particularly good for a home where an industrial feel or nautical feel is appropriate.  The steel ladder systems can be very much bespoke, they are strong and have a much slighter form than bulkier aluminum ladder systems. Steel ladders can be painted, and you can have paint effects too such as glitter, hammered look, matt or gloss.  This certainly gives you more options. With steel ladder systems you can also have handrails constructed, wider and longer top and bottom steps to aid egress and congress. Because steel ladders will appear as one piece they look a lot more bespoke and will be viewed as a permanent fixture in the home which means they can be used to enhance the look and feel of the home.

A third option is fiberglass ladder systems which are surprisingly strong and can be finished as steel ladders are with many effects and colors.  They have great advantage over steel in that they are much lighter in weight so may be more suitable for a wood construction home.

Finally what about wooden ladders?  Don’t think of solid wood ladders decorators used to use, we’re talking wooden ladders like you see in libraries, wine cellars and bars.  These beautiful timeless pieces often have metal frames for strength and then a wooden casing which really does help it to fit in with surrounding décor, and can be designed and finished to compliment other wood furniture in the room.

Wooden ladders can be finished in varying woods including oak, pine, mahogany and other exotic woods, and metal finished can be added such as handles, strips, rails, wheels and track systems.

So no matter what you have in mind, bespoke ladders can certainly help you achieve an amazing look for your loft ladders which will make the a permanent feature of your home.